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Metrostar Realty and Development, Inc. (MRDI) was registered with the Philippine Securities and Exchange Commission on August 22, 2007 under SEC Reg. No. CS200713197.

In 2010, The C&E Group of Companies, the parent company of MRDI, embarked on a new business venture in the form of real estate development spearheaded by its subsidiary company, Eugo Realty and Development, Corp. (ERDC) and thus created its first project, Centrella Town Residences situated on a 2,500 sq m lot in Project 8, Quezon City. Twenty-three housing units were built within the subdivision and were totally sold out at the end of June 2011.

ERDC’s Centrella Town Residences project was such a success that the C&E Group of Companies was emboldened to develop similar projects in Quezon City and in San Jose Del Monte, Bulacan. However, due to the similarity in the surname of the owner of a completing real estate developer, the management of the C&E Group of Companies dropped ERDC as a business name to avoid confusion, and subsequently used MRDI in all its projects.

Experiences & Skills

Guiding Principles

Comprehensive Planning – MRDI focuses on long-term master planning as well as attention to the littlest detail.

Thoughtful Stewardship – Care for the land, both that which is developed and that which is conserved is at the forefront of MRDI philosophy. MRDI strives to build and maintain properties in a sustainable and environmentally sensitive way.

Ethical Conduct – Honest in its dealings, and able to deliver its commitments, MRDI makes good decisions based on long-term goals rather than on short-term gains.

Exceptional Service – MRDI provides customers with services - oriented and professional business relationship.

Collaborative Citizenship – MRDI actively involves members of communities (subdivisions) and other Stakeholders in addressing social problems and helping in nation-building by undertaking CRS projects and other civic or philanthropic activities.

Employee Engagement – MRDI recruits the best employees, provides them with training and advancement opportunities, and empowers them to ensure that the company is best-in-class in the real estate industry.

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