RR Diversified Inc. is a fast growing property developer, which focuses on the development of townhouses, and medium-rise to high-rise condominium projects in Manila, Philippines.

Established by its president, Raymond “Ray” Dua, RR Diversified’s first completed project was a four-story, six-unit townhouse development in Quezon City. Its second project, completed in 2015, was a nine-story building made up of 56 condominium units. Named The Advent Residences, this residential condominium in Cubao, Quezon City, was sold exclusively to Filipino-Americans who live and work in the East Coast of the United States.

The Advent Residences’ location in Cubao, originally an underdeveloped area, was a pioneering effort. When Ray looks at a parcel of land, he doesn’t see dirt, rocks, and weeds. Instead, he sees sculpture-like buildings artfully arranged in a striking new residential building, ready to accommodate both mid-range and high-end users.

RR Diversified’s projects are funded by a combination of capital infusion, non-interest advances from stockholders, and debt financing, with construction financing provided by local major banking institutions.
Its parent company, RR Diversified Prop Inc., based in the U.S., engages in building, general contracting, and developing real estate in New Jersey. Under Ray’s leadership, his company has managed more than 50 developments—that’s more than 1.2 million square feet!

- Vision -
To be one of the leading real estate developers in the Philippines with continuous dedication to quality and total customer satisfaction

- Mission -
To engage in the business of real estate development, which includes the developing of land, constructing, and marketing, along with the intent of serving the Filipino society, in general, with total commitment and a focused purpose while maintaining the highest standards of excellence

The Advent Residences
Quezon City, Metro Manila
studio, 1, 2, 3 Bedroom

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i am real estate agent in the philippines for more than 12 years. i'm currently selling all condominium project weather pre development stage or ready for occupancy condominium. i love selling homes and condo unit because its helps people who needs home or investment. so, if for investment talk specially condo's please leave me a message and will talk. looking forward to meet you. thank you and god bless.


Dear President Rody Duterte, We are a group of Overseas Filipino Workers from Qatar, UAE, Saudi Arabia, USA, Malaysia, Brunei, Singapore, America, Italy, UK, Canada, Philippines, Germany, Hawaii, Israel, Switzerland, New Zealand, Egypt and other countries around the world We are seeking for Justice and Help to refund our Hard Earned Money A real estate developer deceived us; Major Homes, Inc. to invest our hard earned money on its different projects located in various locations in the Philippines. Some of us have already paid the full purchase price for the units they bought while others were paying amortizations for several years but had to stop paying because of the non-development of the projects We are experiencing problems with Major Homes Inc., who failed to deliver their promises to us regarding the turnover of House & Lot & Condominium that we have bought from them. ln as early as 2012, Major Homes Inc., embarked on a massive campaign aimed at hard working OFW’s worldwide to sell their House & Lot and Condormitel Projects (Space UBelt, Space San Marcelino and Space Romualdez, Sienna Monteluce, Brie & Mondavi). Dubbed as the "Best Investment for OFWs," their agents targeted workers from the Middle East and Asia to invest their hard earned money to the said projects. Major Homes, Inc. has not been truthful to us regarding the turnover dates of the said properties. They have been giving us false reassurances as to the final completion dates are 4 years behind the promised date of delivery. Most of the projects are still in its early phase and as of the latest from them, construction of the projects has been stopped and abandoned because of some problems, which they did not even bother informing us formally had we not inquired. Another thing that we would like to bring up is that we have found out that Major Homes was already selling condo units without even having a License To Sell Permit yet from HLURB. Take for instance the case of Space U-Belt - a lot of buyers bought units from 2013 when the Temporary License To Sell for Space U-Belt was only issued around April 17, 2015. They did the same thing with Space San Marcelino and Space Romualdez wherein they were already selling units even without the necessary permit from HLURB. This move is a clear violation of Section 5 of the Presidential Decree 957 issued by former President Ferdinand Edralin Marcos. We are so tired of false promises given by Major homes, Despite of repeated follow up, emails and phone calls with the developer we never get any response from them even to get the reason for delays or a concrete date for possession. Even they haven't started the constructions of the building of some projects. Some of the projects already in cease and desist list by HLURB. With such adamant refusal of Major Homes, Inc. to hear our clamor for the refund of our hard earned money or the delivery of the units we purchased, we filed the formal complaints in HLURB .We used the mainstream media. In fact, last January 31, 2017, we approached Mr. Raffy Tulfo of Radyo 92.3 FM Station to air our grievances against the Major Homes, Inc. Major homes, inc. or Major Properties, Inc. have fooled again the Overseas Contract Workers, for they did not abide to their promised to refund their victims. After they siphoned millions of hard-earned money of the OFW’s by pretending that they are selling housing units, condo units in their respective areas of projects, but it was found out there were NO those being started to construct and there are those just plain ground and no foundation was made, there were those housing units completely built only this year but supposed to be turnover in the year 2015. Our agreements of full refund in Tv5 Mr. Raffy Tulfo’s program between Commissioner Luis Paredes of Hlurb and Atty Sangalang Major homes counsel was not followed. Instead they offer projects units of condos to everyone in other project site, or recommend to re sell the units of claimants; in short they abandoned the agreement of refund. They again circumvent the law. We will not stop asking help from government agencies especially to the president of The Philippines Rodrigo Duterte. Hlurb is a codler of unscrupulous developers like Mr. Francisco Quinto A. Oreta V. In Regards to my case Atty. Sangalang mentioned that the decision of HLURB that I was defaulted in my payment is a BIG LIE. We never defaulted in our payment and I have all the evidences like official receipts n issued checks to prove it. We all know that major homes manipulated the decisions of my case in HLURB. Major homes and his counsel miscalculated me thinking I am alone. Here are the decisions showing I paid fully the required down payment but with ignorance of some government officials they just penned their decision not in accordance with the law. Arbiter comments as to the full payment of the down payment, and board of commissioners comments. Look at these, they clearly stated we paid all the down payment and atty. Sangalang he claimed I defaulted. Again, we bought the property in pre-selling under a “contract to sell” not cash. How can we pay the balance of the payment if it was not turn over to us for loan financing thru the bank. The bank rejected of the unfinished construction. He, Atty. Sangalang is mis-informed as well as the hlurb or all of them deliberately blinded in not looking the true facts of the case. They have to pay the consequence too because many of their victims cannot be controlled anymore in coming out to expose Major homes and HLURB anomaly. WE, HAVE NO OBLIGATIONS TO MAJOR HOMES EVEN A SINGLE CENT. FOR WE HAVE PAID ALL THE DEPOSITS OF 2,325,00.00 (TWO MILLION THREE HUNDRED TWENTY FIVE THOUSAND PESOS), THIS CAN BE PROVEN WITH ORIGINAL OFFICIAL RECEIPTS AND CHECKS ISSUED WHICH IS ALSO IN THE BUYER'S LEDGER OF MAJOR HOMES. All of this is causing us a lot of financial turmoil, burden and mental agony. We only wanted to get the FULL REFUND Being an OFW its our blood money It's not easy to earn that amount of money We have to make sacrifices to just pay for it. We deserved justice. We have truly lost faith and confidence with how Major Homes Inc. Has handled our investments and many of us tried to contact them directly for refund but all just fell into deaf ears. We were just promised that their Legal Team will try to take a look at our case but several months & years have passed and nothing has happened. We also tried to contact HLURB, which is supposed to protect our rights from these big companies, but our emails were just left unanswered. We are humbly asking for your help as OFWs Victims to get our full Refund of our hard earned money. Sadly, this investment has turned into a nightmare that woke us up from our dream of providing a bright future for our kids and our families back home. This issue has already caused us with so much discomfort and inconvenience and we know that you and your office are the only ones who can help us with this predicament. Respectfully yours; Agatha Dalire/ Sonny Dalire- et al OFW WORLDWIDE - Complainants Harry Roque Martin Marfori Andanar Duterte Today News Pinoy OFW OFW news. Presidential Communications (Government of the Philippines) Pinoy OFW Bloggers OFW Hotline by MOCHA USON OWWA Overseas Workers Welfare Administration Arnell Arevalo Ignacio Harry Roque ABS-CBN News ABS-CBN GMA News Balitang OFW's GMA News TV International PTV TV Patrol TV5 Mr. Erwin Tulfo - Unofficial Erwin Tulfo BONG GO Christopher Bong Go DZRH News Television DZRH Manila DZRH OFW Channel Val Gonzales President Rody Duterte PVT - Pilipinas Viral Trending Secretary Salvador Panelo DILG Undersecretary Martin "Bobot" Diño Trending Topics Philippines City Government of Davao MOCHA USON BLOG Balitang Global

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