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Real Estate visionaries Dave and Gail Liniger established Real Estate Maximum, popularly known as RE/MAX in Denver, Colorado, USA in 1973. Their vision was anchored on cultivating true industry professionals who are continuously motivated and driven to perform better and sell more with the eventual goal of revolutionizing the real estate industry by focusing its core on network reach and continuing education for its sales force through a successful franchise network.

It is ranked as the No. 1 real estate franchise in the world and recognized as one of the leading real estate franchise companies with the most productive sales force in the industry.

The RE/MAX franchise network is described as a “global real estate system of franchisee owned and operated offices and their affiliated independent professionals.” Each RE/MAX office is individually owned and operated with full autonomy to their regional market demands. This model allowed RE/MAX to maintain local real estate expertise while gaining worldwide competence in almost 100 countries with 7,000 offices and a network of more than 100,000 agents.

All affiliates and their agents benefit on the strength of the RE/MAX brand and are equipped with live training events, 24/7 online continuing education programs and necessary tools to stay on top of the industry.

In October 2012, RE/MAX opened its doors to the Philippine real estate industry anchored on the same unparalleled service of its Denver-based franchisor.

RE/MAX Philippines is poised to change the country’s real estate landscape by developing brokers/agents that are adept on local market demands and are continuously driven by providing agent training, advertising and various motivational programs.

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All sales inquiries should be directed to the property broker, agent, or seller. A quick reply from the property broker, agent, or seller is not guaranteed.

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