Philippine National Bank 

Fixing Period Interest Rate
1 years 5.75%
2 - 3 years 6.50%
4 - 5 years 6.75%
10 years 8.50%
15 years 10.25%
20 years 10.75%

Affordability Calculator

Selling price
Down payment Downpayment: 20%
Interest rate Interest rate: 6.75%
Term period Term / Period: 20 years
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Philippine National Bank
Philippine National Bank Mortgage Information
Monthly Payment:
Required Monthly Income:
Selling price:₱ 1,000,000
Down Payment:20%
Interest Rate:6.75%
Term / Period:20 years



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Minimum Loan Amount
₱ 1000000
Maximum Loan Amount
Loan Term
up to 20 years