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Fixing Period Interest Rate
1 years 5.25%
3 years 6.25%
5 years 6.75%

Affordability Calculator

Selling price
Down payment Downpayment: 20%
Interest rate Interest rate: 5.25%
Term period Term / Period: 20 years
Ucpb Mortgage Information
Monthly Payment:
Required Monthly Income:
Selling price:₱ 1,643,000
Down Payment:20%
Interest Rate:5.25%
Term / Period:20 years

About us

UCPB is a leading provider of financial products and services to corporations, private and government institutions, middle market companies, small - and medium-sized businesses and individuals in the Philippines.

The Bank and its subsidiaries operate nationwide delivering a full range of expanded commercial banking services to a highly diversified clientele.  It has strong capabilities in consumer finance, commercial credit, corporate and investment banking, trust banking, domestic and international trade finance, treasury and money market investment, cash management and deposit services.

Visit our website at www.ucpb.com or engage with us through www.facebook.com/UCPB.Connect and www.twitter.com/UCPB_Connect or email us at loans@ucpb.com

Interest Fixing Period

Fixing Period Interest Rate
1 years 5.25%
3 years 6.25%
5 years 6.75%

Please take note that after the fixing period, client is subject to annual repricing.

Avail of the UCPB Home Loan for any of the following:

  • Purchase of vacant lot, residential lot,  house and lot, condominium or town house
  • House renovation or construction on a lot you already own
  • Refinance an existing mortgage from another bank
  • Multi-purpose loan (collateral can either be your primary residence, secondary home or vacant lot)

You are qualified to apply for a UCPB Home Loan if:

  • You have been employed for the last 12 months with a minimum gross monthly income of P30,000 or
  • You have been in business for the last 3 years 

How much can I borrow? 

  • The minimum loanable amount is P500,0000.
  • Maximum loanable amount will be based on the Total Appraised Value of the property and evaluation of client’s income capacity.
    • Maximum of 70%* of the appraised value for House and Lot, Townhouses and Condominium
    • Maximum of 60%* of the appraised value for Vacant Lot
    * Please note that collateral is subject to appraisal to determine its acceptability and marketability
  • Maximum of 80%* of the Contract price for Accredited Developers.

How long is the loan term?

  • The maximum loan term is 20 years for construction and acquisition of house and lot, townhouses or condominium units. 
  • The maximum loan term is 10 years for refinancing, multi-purpose loans and acquisition of vacant lots.

How can I pay for my UCPB Home Loan?

  • By issuing post-dated checks

How much amortization should I expect to pay?

  • Your payment structure will be determined by how much you are willing to pay as down payment, how long your loan term is or how much you can set aside as monthly payments.
  • We can provide consultation service to design a payment package suited to your needs. 

What are the requirements needed to apply?

  • Click here to get the full list of requirements. 

Who are UCPB’s accredited developers?

  • Get special deals and faster processing when you choose to purchase from our accredited developers. Click here for the list of UCPB's Accredited Developers

Can I still purchase properties that are not from UCPB's accredited developers?

  • Yes, but a non-refundable appraisal fee will be collected from the borrower. (P3,500 if within Metro Manila and P4,500 if outside Metro Manila)

You can submit all the requirements via Email to loans@ucpb.com

For more information, please inquire through:

Home Loan Account Officers

(63-2)811-9111 or 1-800-888-9777 (toll-free)

UCPB.Connect  |  www.ucpb.com

@UCPB_Connect  |  loans@ucpb.com



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Minimum Loan Amount
₱ 500000
Maximum Loan Amount
Maximum of 80% of the Contract price if project is purchased from Accredited Developers.
Loan Term
up to 20 years