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What You Should Keep In Your First Aid Kit

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By Jekelyn S. Nisola

Cuts, wound, burns, allergic reactions and falls are some of the most common accidents that can happen at home. To be always ready to give medical aid at home, you must gather supplies for a basic first aid kit.

Below, PropertyAsia.ph has created a list of some of the most common items that should be included in your emergency kit.

Dressing and Bandages

A dressing controls the bleeding and protects the wound from infection; it also absorbs liquid coming out from the wound such a blood.

A bandage, on the other hand, ties splints in place; immobilizes injured body parts, and serves as an arm support when used as a sling.

-Sterile gauze pad
-Eye shield or pad
-Band Aid
-Triangular bandage (for wrapping injuries and making arms slings)
-Elastic bandage
-Adhesive cloth tape
-Plaster and safety pins
-Occlusive dressing (an air-and-water-tight trauma dressing that is made with wax coating to make the seal perfect; it doesn’t have the absorbent properties of a gauze pad)

Art: Brian Josue Pejo, John Elijah Troy Pabilonia

Other Emergency Supplies

-Sterile glove (must be worn if at risk of direct contact with blood or any body fluid, which can transmit diseases)
-Rubbing alcohol
-Povidone iodine (for cuts and wounds)
-A pair of scissors (for cutting gauze pad, adhesive tape, etc.)
-Tongue depressor (to inspect the mouth or throat)
-A pair of forceps (to grasp small objects)
-Non-mercury thermometer
-Flashlight with batteries
-First aid guide

Other Medicines

-Pain reliever
-Fever medicine
-Anti-diarrhea medicine
-Decongestant (to treat nasal congestion)
-Antihistamine (to treat allergies and swelling)
-Burn and rashes ointment

Things to Remember

-Carry a handy first aid kit with you as much as possible. Keep one at home; everyone in the house must know where to find it. Keep one in your car as well.
-Take note of emergency phone numbers:
117 Emergency Assistance and Response Network in the Philippines (Police, Fire, Medical)
143 Philippine Red Cross
-Check your first aid kit regularly; replace used or expired items.

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