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Epic Fail: Bad Photos That Won’t Sell Your Home

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By Joycefer Alejos

An excellent real estate photo can captivate potential home buyers and can make you look more professional if you’re a home seller.

A good photo can also give the home buyer an idea of how the house looks like.  But before you take photos, here are some examples of bad photos you should avoid before hitting that “add listing” button on PropertyAsia.ph.

bad real estate photo 1

  • Avoid Blurred Photos

When it comes to selling a house online, it’s really important to post a clear photo of the property.  Clean your camera lens before taking a photo to avoid blurred results, and make sure you’re holding your camera in a steady position.

bad real estate photo 3

  • Remove Unnecessary Objects

Don’t include objects that are not necessary such as kitchen utensils, hanged clothes, and furniture that are not appealing to the eye.

bad real estate photo 2

  • Don’t Show a Messy House

Potential home buyers find a messy house disgusting! Before taking a photo, you should clean up first.  The house must look clean and neat in every photo.

bad real estate photo 4

  • Avoid the Fisheye Effect

Using a fisheye effect in a photo just to make the house look bigger is not a good idea.  To emphasize space, find a camera position and angle that will show a wide view of the house.

bad real estate photo 5

  • Double-check the Orientation of Photos

Avoid using unrotated photos because potential homebuyers may not clearly see how the house looks like.

bad real estate photo 7

  • Avoid Showing Less Important Areas of the House

When taking photos, focus on what matters most such as the kitchen, bedrooms, bathrooms, closets, outdoor living spaces, and unique home features.

bad real estate photo 8

  • Remove Plastics Covering Furniture, Appliances

Don’t include those appliances that have plastic coverings; they make the house look untidy.

bad real estate photo 9

  • Don’t Include People in the Photos

Potential home buyers are turned off when they see people in property photos.  Home buyers want to see the house, not the people who live in it.

bad real estate photo 10

  • Don’t Show an Unfinished House

Wait for the completed construction of the house before posting photos.  Potential home buyers prefer to see houses that are already finished. It will also be easier for you to sell the house.

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