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6 Great Gift Ideas for Father’s Day

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By Jekelyn Nisola

Dad, Daddy, Tatay, Papa. Whatever you call your father, no doubt his love and sacrifices as the haligi ng tahanan is immeasurable.

On Father’s Day (June 19), make your dad teary-eyed by showing him how grateful you are and how much you love him.

Below, we’ve listed special eGift Cards (GC) that you can instantly send via email or SMS to your dad in time for his special day.

  • Bvlgari Man Extreme GC (P500-5,000)

“Awaken Your Senses”

Isn’t it great if your dad could hug you while wearing the perfume that you gave him? Check out Bvlgari, originally priced from P2,000-5,000, and other soothing fragrances at the Fresh Fragrance Bar. Read More

  • Brotzeit German Bier Bar & Restaurant GC (P1,000-3,000)

“Authentic Bavarian cuisine with German beers”

Treat your dad to an authentic Broitzeit German beer as a “toast to the best dad!” Read More

  • 6 GREAT GIFT IDEAS FOR FATHERS’ DAY 2K1 Family KTV-Davao GC (P500-2,000)

“The place to Sing and Unwind”

Give your dad a break: let him unwind from the day’s stress and sing his heart out! Bring along your family and your dad’s friends as well. Read More

  • Bruno’s Barbers GC (P300-3,000)

“Beyond Traditional Grooming”

Your dad surely misses the comfortable ambience of a traditional barber shop; so treat him to a grooming day! Read More  

  • California Pizza Kitchen GC (P500-2,000)

“Take Little Bites of Sunny California”

Start a small talk with your dad over a sumptuous dinner at California Pizza Kitchen whose menu includes chicken, salad, pasta, and hand-tossed crispy thin dough pizza. Read More

  • Timex Shop GC (P1,000-5,000)

“Timepieces that Exude True Confidence and Style”

Time is indeed a treasured gold. These timepieces will surely suit your dad’s everyday fashion. Read More

Choose from over 100 eGift Cards (GC) from some of the most reputable brands, brought to you by PropertyAsia.ph and GiftAway.ph.

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