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How to Stage Your House And Sell Faster

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Staging an open house increases your chances of selling your current home; this is done through different techniques such as depersonalizing, neutralizing, and decluttering.  However, staging an open house isn’t an easy process because most buyers are picky while some are snobbish.  Prospects may seem interested at first but they can easily walk away once they disliked something or noticed something wrong with the house you’re selling. This is why you’ve to prepare hard and make everything perfect.

To best stage an open house, here are some useful tips:

Let Go of Your Emotions

One of the most common problems sellers encounter when staging an open house is their attachment to the property they’re selling. Apparently, you’ve loved, treasured your house but once you’ve decided to sell it, remind yourself that this is going to be somebody else’s home in no time.  Think about it as a product that needs to be sold.  Let go of your emotions and put away all the negativities in your mind even before starting with the staging process.

Identify Your Target Audience

The very first thing to consider when staging an open house is your target audience.  Know what kind of neighborhood you have; see if it’s jam-packed with young, first-time buyers and/or starting families or is it filled with retirees and big extended families.  It’s important to identify who your target audiences are: their ages, jobs, financial capabilities, and other factors.  Once you’ve identified your target audiences, you can easily move on to the next stages of home staging.

Declutter and Depersonalize the House

Decluttering the house is a no-brainer. It’s simply about cleaning all the parts of the house, organizing, and properly storing things. Remove all unnecessary items in your house such as the seasonal decorations.  On the other hand, depersonalizing is removing personal things such as family photos because they will only distract your prospective buyers. Also, keeping personalized things and showing them to your prospective buyers is a clear indication that you’re not ready yet to sell the house.

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Make Necessary Repairs

Now is the time to focus on unfinished home improvement projects and finish them. Make all necessary repairs such as leaky faucets, broken windows, and faulty switches. Make sure that everything is perfectly working before you stage your open house.  Remember that some prospective buyers are very observant and when they notice something faulty; they can easily change their mind about buying your house.

Dress it Up

This may be the most difficult and expensive part of the process of staging an open house but it’s also the most exciting.  You’ve to work room by room and check even the smallest details.

Your living room will welcome your guests so make sure it’s as cozy and stunning as possible.  Replace your large furniture with smaller ones to make your living room look more spacious.

Your kitchen should look tidy and spotless so there’s no need to display all your kitchen tools and appliances.  You can put some accessories to add style to it or you can even decorate your kitchen based on the theme you like.

Your bedroom should exude comfort and luxury while your bathroom should be perfectly neat and clutter-free.

Don’t forget to clean your front yard and backyard because prospective buyers will also check on them.

Moreover, update your lighting fixtures.

During the actual open house, make sure to let the sunlight in because a dark, dreary house may scare your prospective buyers. Food and drinks such as cookies and lemonade should also be served.

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