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How to Spend Christmas in Your New Home

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By Rizza Ypil

Have you just bought a new house and eagerly looking forward to celebrating the Christmas holidays in your new home?

Here are some ideas that can you help make things more exciting and memorable this Christmas.

  • Hang Christmas decors; try new decorating ideas.

Let your creativity flow.  Familiarize yourself with your new house by decorating every corner of the room. Putting up Christmas lights outside the house brings out the Christmas spirit. Instead of the usual green plastic Christmas tree, why not try a live or fresh-cut tree or a white tree this time. To make decorating more fun, do it with your family.

  • Attend Simbang Gabi.

The true essence of Christmas is Jesus Christ.  Although you’re now living in a new community, you should still go to church and attend the traditional Simbang Gabi. You may even get to meet your new neighbors there.

  • Invite friends to your new place.

One of the reasons why it’s hard to leave your old neighborhood is because your friends were left there.  If you miss your old friends, invite them to your new home. Organize a house party! Share your experiences in your new home and catch up with what’s going on in your old neighborhood.

  • Throw a Christmas party with your new neighbors.

Throwing a Christmas party is one way to get to know your neighbors, hoping you would get along with them. To make it even more special, prepare the food and drinks yourself.

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