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Video: How to Make a Christmas Décor with String Lights

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Video: John Angelo Sergio

By Sahar Nathalie Gasemi and Alene Joy Alcabasa

Materials Needed: 

Rope lights/LED lights
Welded galvanized iron sheet (in the form of Santa & Reindeer)
Cable Ties
Light Switch
Electric plug
Electric wires


  1. Weld the galvanized iron sheet by spotting to create a frame of Santa and reindeer.
  2. Cut the wires and rope lights. Peel the tip of the wires and rope lights; connect them to each other.

    PropertyAsia.ph video crew
    PropertyAsia.ph video crew
  3. By using cable ties, trace the rope lights against the frame; outline Santa and each reindeer individually so you’ll not lose the effect of the lights.
  4. Connect all the electric wires to the light switch and electric plug.
  5. Cut all the excess cable ties.
  6. Test the Christmas décor by plugging it into a power outlet. Make sure all the wires are tied to prevent electric shock.

Special Thanks to:

J.N. ANG LANTERN (Philippines)
0922 431 0530

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