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2017 Chinese Horoscope: Your Career, Health And Lovelife

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By Rizza Ypil, Mechelle Gonzales

Art: John Angelo Sergio

Find out what life has in store for you in the year of the fire rooster!


Career: Work hard

In 2017, the rooster is unlucky and needs to work hard. But there are two stars that can help you succeed, the jiangxing, which enables you to successfully lead a team, and the jingku, which unleashes your creativity in the workplace.

Health: Watch out

Since it’s an unlucky year for the rooster, pay attention to your health and safety.  Be careful when driving.

Lovelife: Get married or break up

If you’re in a happy romantic relationship, 2017 is the perfect year to get married whether you’re ready or not.  However, if your current relationship is going nowhere, it’s time to break up especially for the rooster whose age is between 14 and 36 years old.


Career: Work hard

With the help of someone in the workplace, take advantage of career opportunities coming your way this year.  But avoid the nasty people around you.

Health: Watch out

Watch out for stomach trouble and indigestion. Pay extra attention to your diet and do some exercises. You and your family are vulnerable to injuries this year, so beware.

Lovelife: Get married

If you’re in a relationship and financially stable right now, it’s the perfect time to tie the knot. But if you’re a single person, don’t rush into a relationship to get married.


Career: Prosperous

2017 will open a lot of opportunities for you! Promotion at work is very possible!

Health: Very bad

A car accident can happen if you’re a male born in 1973 or 2009, or a female born in 1949 or 1985.

Lovelife: No improvement

The ox chooses career over lovelife.  But for those who are in a relationship already, there will be a chance of breaking up. So lessen the disagreements.


Career: Quite Good

The tiger will get a career boost from someone and a chance of promotion. Expand your social network this year.

Health: Watch out

Risks of accidents are high this year. Be careful when you’re going out and/or driving.

Lovelife: No improvement

The tiger will not experience love this year.  If you’re already in a relationship, it will be stable, though.  But if you’re still looking for the right one, you should seek out the advice of an experienced matchmaker.


Career: Take the initiative

If you’d like to change your working environment this year, take the initiative. If you think your company needs to expand its operations, you should take that as an opportunity to also expand your career.

Health: Uncertain

Avoid joint injuries and take care of your heart and lungs. Observe proper diet and healthy lifestyle, and exercise regularly. Be extra careful when driving.

Lovelife: Marry or break up

The rabbit may be able to break its bad luck cycle in 2017 by getting married.  When planning for your wedding, you and partner will have differing opinions; stay calm and communicate with each other.


Career: Quite smooth

This year, you can solve any problem with the help of your colleagues and friends. But stay calm because you may end up fighting with your bosses due to contrasting opinions.

Health: Cut down social engagement

Take care of your health by cutting down the number of parties and social events that you plan to attend this year.

Lovelife: Popular

This year, the dragon will be popular to the opposite sex, which may cause trouble in its current relationship. You better know the man or woman first before you start dating; you may get stuck in a love triangle.


Career: Many opportunities

Learn new skills to further develop your career.  Start investing, too.

Health: Unsteady

You should control your bad moods and prevent stomach and spleen problems.  Due to work-related stress, you will lack quality sleep.  Avoid visiting sick friends and family members, and don’t hang out near construction work.

Lovelife: No improvement

If you’re a single person, you will have an uneventful year; however, you will have many chances to look for your right match. On the other hand, if you’re a married person, be more sensitive to your partner’s feelings to avoid a third party stepping in.


Career: Opportunities for promotion

Business people will do good business this year.  However, watch out for people who stab you in the back.

Health: Not good

Prevent injuries caused by metal objects. Also, take special care of your lungs, heart, stomach, and blood vessels.

Lovelife: Very smooth

If you’re in a relationship, tie the knot this year.  If you’re a single person, you will meet your perfect match this year.


Career: Work hard

You need to work hard to improve your career opportunities.  If you successfully demonstrated your skills at work, you would win the admiration of your bosses and earn a promotion. If you get a chance to work in another place, take it!

Health: Uncertain

If you’re a male born in 1995 or 1991, or a female born in 1967 or 2003, beware of bad luck, which may also affect the health of your family members.  Rush to the hospital when you find anything wrong. Keep the floor neat and tidy.

Lovelife: No improvement

If you’re a single person, you need to work doubly hard to find your perfect match.  On the other hand, if you’re already married, avoid being affected by the stress in the workplace, which may bring trouble to your happy family.


Career: Work hard

A colleague will help you get a promotion at work, but you need to work hard for it!

Health: Exercise well, observe proper diet

You may start feeling the stress at work; exercise well and observe proper diet. Avoid bringing work stress home.

Lovelife: Quite good

Single ladies will get the chance to find a good match this year!  In contrast, single men will find themselves in unstable relationships, which may lead to financial loss.


Career: Not Good

Sadly, 2017 is not your lucky year. But exert extra effort at work; your creative ideas may eventually impress your bosses and lead to a promotion.

Health: Prone to Health Risks

Take extra care of your lungs, cervical bones, and urinary system.  Go out for some fresh air.

Lovelife: No improvement

If you’re a single person, most your time will be devoted to your career—leaving no time for love.  If you’re in a relationship, spend more time with your partner to avoid any misunderstanding.


Career: Stable

Although there’s a little opportunity for you to make a big fortune this year, you’ll be quite lucky in your career.  There will be many opportunities to expand your social network this year; you’ll meet different kinds of people from diverse fields.

Health: Watch out

Risks of accidents are high this year. Be careful when you’re going out and/or driving. Take extra care of your bones, stomach, spleen, and urinary system.

Lovelife: No improvement

The pig chooses career over lovelife.

Do you feel lucky this year of the fire rooster?
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