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Top 7 Tips to Celebrate Valentine’s Day on a Budget

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By Alene Alcabasa

Photos: Micia Tuico, JB Macatulad, K Fedland

Are you excited about Valentine’s Day but still short on the budget?

Below, we’ve listed some of the usual things you do during Valentine’s Day and some practical tips to keep things more affordable.

Go on a dinner date at home or in the park

One of the most common things you do on Valentines’ Day is to eat at your favorite restaurant with your significant other. But it’s going to be hard to book a reservation on that one special day because the place will definitely be crowded unless you booked a reservation well in advance.

The best alternative is to go on a dinner date at home or in the park. Some say “the best way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.” Whether you’ve prepared a fancy meal or just a simple one, you can still enjoy the moment with each other’s company. In the park, you can cuddle while stargazing and enjoying the peaceful nature.

Rewatch movies or TV series

Most romantic movies are released in February; therefore, the movie house is also one of the most crowded places during Valentine’s Day. Instead of waiting in line or getting disappointed for not getting your preferred time or seat, why not watch movies at your own home instead? Spend time with your loved ones, family members, or friends by rewatching your favorite movies or TV series. Not only you get to share your interests with them, but you also get the chance to level up your relationships together.

Support local bands

Valentine’s concerts are also a hit. Please note, however, it’s not just local singers but also international singers pouncing on each other during this occasion. Although you get to see your favorite artists sing your most-liked love songs, it might cost a little too much. Why not try something new like supporting local bands. They might not be as popular nor as good as your favorite artists, but it’d still be a good experience to watch them perform.

Make a pillow fort

Staying in a hotel could be pricey because it’s the peak season. Many resorts are also already fully booked. So why not spend Valentine’s Day at home and feel like a kid again. Building a pillow fort will not only bring you back to your childhood memories, but it will also be a new experience with your significant other. You can cuddle at a comforting place; if the fort you built was big enough, you could also have your dinner date there.

Visit a museum

As a substitute to the crowded and noisy amusement parks, go to museums instead. There are different types of museums to choose from:  art, science and technology, or national museums, among others. Best of all, the admission ticket is not that pricey; some museums even offer free admission.

This is perfect for those who are thinking of what they can post on their Instagram feed. Also, you can learn something new while appreciating the work of different artists, scientists, and other professionals.

Bake something sweet

Chocolates and flowers are the most common things to buy during Valentine’s. Anywhere you go, there’s a kiosk that sells sweets. It can be tempting, yes. But when you buy expensive chocolates that can be eaten in a day or a dozen of roses that will not last for a week, maybe it’s not worth it.

Rather than buying sweets, why not make them. Bake something sweet together with loved one. It may not be as perfect as those you see in pastry shops, but at least you had fun baking together.

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