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What’s Best To Do With Leftovers?

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By Alene Alcabasa

Having leftovers is inevitable. Even though the food you prepared is delicious, there’s always a possibility that you and your family wouldn’t be able to finish it.

Leftovers don’t mean they should go directly to the trash.  Below, we’ve listed down some ways on how to deal with leftovers, especially at home.


This is the most common way you do with leftovers. Before, you only reheat leftovers using a frying pan. Nowadays, thanks to modern technology, there are different appliances that are suitable for different types of food. For example, soups and stews should be reheated in the microwave, and fried food and bread should be reheated in an oven toaster. This way, you’ll never reheat food the same way again.

Make Something New Out of It

You will never have to suffer by eating the same food again. Get your chef’s hat on because you can make something extraordinary out of leftovers. Maybe this new dish will be your specialty.

As long as you have leftovers, you will always have a new way to invent a new dish. For example, when you have leftover roasted chicken, the next day, you can turn it into a chicken sandwich or mix it with your pancit.

Share It With Your Pet

If you have pets and you want them to eat something good, it’s possible to share your leftovers with them. For some pet owners, what they eat is also what their pets eat. Just make sure you know what are your pets’ diet restrictions because not all human food is good to pets.

Give It to Those In Need

Not everyone can eat sumptuous food; be thankful for what you have right now because not everyone can even eat three times a day or eat at all. So instead of throwing your leftovers in the trash can, why not give them to those who are in need. Share your blessings—you never know how happy they will feel until you reach out to them.

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