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Ideas for a Pet-Friendly Home

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By Sahar Nathalie Gasemi

Most of us love to have pets at home and want to be close with them all the time, seeing them after a long, tiring day makes us feel loved once they welcome us by wagging their tails, licking our faces, and settling in our laps to show some affection. But sometimes their spaces at home pose as a problem.

So, here are some space ideas for our beloved pets at home.

Photo: Better Homes & Gardens, Art: John Angelo Sergio

1) Built-in Bowls For Their Food

Store your pet’s bowls under a kitchen island or tuck them away in a cabinet. If you don’t like minor construction work, relocate your pet’s dishes to a less visited area such as the laundry room or a spare bedroom.

Photo: Smith Firestone, Art: John Angelo Sergio

2) Turn Spare Room Into Pet’s Bedroom

Since a spare room was mentioned above, yes you can turn your unused bedroom into a pet’s room. You can put all your pets’ things in that room so if they needed to rest or eat, they could just go there.

Photo: Casa Verde Design, Art: John Angelo Sergio

3) Furniture as Their Room

Convert your detached furniture such as hutches, bookcases, media centers, etc., into a pet’s room. Now you can keep your lovely pet all the time with you because you can also put that furniture in your own room.

Photo: Kate Maloney, Art: John Angelo Sergio

4) Under The Stairs or Corner Spaces

If you have spaces under the stairs or at any corner of your house, you can put a small couch-like basket and a bowl there. It would be a great space for eating and napping.

Photo: Furbish Studio, Art: John Angelo Sergio

5) Your Home is Their Home

If you really love your pets, any corner  of your house becomes their home. Put pet-friendly rugs or carpets; also use pet-friendly fabrics for your couch so their paws would not leave marks on it. As long as you’re using stain, smell, and bacteria-resistant products, your pets can just go around your house anytime without having any problem of messes.

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