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Our Favorite Summer Destinations in the Philippines

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Can you already feel the summer heat? With 7,641 islands in the Philippines, there are lots of tourist destinations to explore. And if you still don’t know what to choose, here are some of our favorite summer destinations that may give you some ideas where to go next.

Dinosaur Island at Clark Picnic Grounds, Pampanga

This Island (Park) is one of the theme parks in the Philippines inspired by Steven Spielberg’s movie “Jurassic Park.” The robotics looks like the real thing and being in here makes your childhood dreams come true—to see a live dancing dinosaur and live to tell the tale. – John Angelo Sergio

Enchanted Cave at Bolinao, Pangasinan

Without a doubt, Enchanted Cave is a must-visit attraction at Bolinao, Pangasinan. The place is like a huge mass of corals that have a cave underneath. The water is so clean and clear, which makes the place seem really enchanted. And the best thing about it is that you can swim in the water. Before you arrive in this place, you will pass by Bolinao’s mesmerizing seascape, which is very relaxing. – Mechelle Gonzales


Tagaytay is my favorite summer spot. I love the place because it has the perfect view of the Taal Volcano, all-year-round cool weather, best restaurant rows, numerous outdoor activities to choose from, and many places to hang out. My family and I always visit Tagaytay because it’s so near our hometown, San Pedro, Laguna. Sometimes when we don’t have anything to do, we go on a road trip and we always end up in that place. Tagaytay is my happy place because my best memories with my family happened in that place. – Sahar Nathalie Gasemi

Puerto Princesa

From its beautiful beaches to its underground river, you’ll definitely love Puerto Princesa. It may not be as popular nor beautiful as Boracay, but I love how many islands in Puerto Princesa you can visit. I don’t usually travel to different places so that’s why it’s a big deal for me to travel to provinces by land or air. Although it was only for a short time, I remember the time I was in Puerto Princesa. From the buko I drank everyday to the tour guide in the underground river who made a lot of jokes during the trip, to the islands that have the whitest sand I’ve ever seen, and to its freshest seafood and exotic foods.  Even though I didn’t explore all the tourist spots in Puerto Princesa, it was definitely my best vacation trip in the Philippines and I know there will always be a next time. – Alene Joy Alcabasa

Splash Island

I haven’t been in so many places because my family is not into traveling due to their busy schedules. That’s why most of my summer getaways are with my best friends. One of the most memorable we had was our first summer getaway at Splash Island. We were still studying then, so we didn’t have enough money to go too far. Since I don’t like traveling too far, I definitely enjoyed the trip. It was memorable because: first, I was with the best people, my best friends, and second, I loved the waterslides. Splash Island has more than five waterslides and at the top of each one, you’d be able to see the whole of Binan, Laguna. My favorite water slide was the Magellan’s drop. It was a little bit scary for me at first,  but the Magellan’s drop was the one I enjoyed the most. When we got tired of the waterslides, we just stayed in the wave pool and in the “balsa river.”- Rizza Ypil

Vigan City

If you marvel at the sight of ancestral houses, especially those dating back to the mid-18th to the late 19th centuries, a visit to Vigan City, a UNESCO World Heritage Site that’s 249 miles away from Manila, will definitely be memorable.  In fact, Vigan’s nearly 233 Spanish period houses and buildings—standing next to each other in a grid of 25 streets—are rather distinct compared to the contemporary Spanish colonial houses in Latin America.  Those found in Vigan have had strong Chinese-Ilocano and Filipino influences.

The best time to visit Vigan is in mid-January until January 25 as the townspeople celebrate the feast of the conversion of Saint Paul, the city’s patron saint. A visit during the Holy Week, which is from April 9 to 15 this year, is also recommended. During this time, the streets of Vigan, including the famed cobblestoned Calle Crisologo, are filled with religious processions, which showcase antique religious statues mounted on beautiful, intricate exhibition floats. – Oliver Oliveros


If your group of friends is leaning towards the idea of a cost-friendly vacation: beach hopping, camping, and surfing over the weekend, then visit the top surfing resort in Zambales, the Crystal Beach at San Narciso, which is three to four hours away from Manila!

The beach is not just for campers and surfers, it’s also perfect for young professionals who want a quick getaway from the busy metropolis and have a relaxing weekend. With its well-maintained grounds and quiet surroundings, Crystal Beach is also a well-known filming venue for teleseryes and movies.

For an overnight stay, the resort offers a variety of accommodation options to choose from based on your budget: from camping rooms to comfortable rooms with bathrooms complete with hot and cold shower facilities. Did I mention that a breakfast buffet is also served during your stay? The buffet includes hot drinks (coffee, milk, or tea), breads, fried rice, main dish, and desserts! (Lots of desserts! Ikaw ang susuko sa buffet nila, mga bes.) For night activities, every Saturday, the resort holds an acoustic night at the Casa Corazon, where you can enjoy great music while chilling out with your friends. – Jekelyn Nisola

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