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Century Properties, Bakrie Global to Develop Media City, Sports City and Tech Corridor in the Philippines

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Manila, Philippines—Aligned with the 2017 ASEAN Summit, Century Properties Group, Inc. Chairman and CEO Jose E.B. Antonio, Revolution Precrafted Properties Founder and CEO Robbie Antonio, Bakrie Global Ventura CEO Anindya Novyan Bakrie, and Bakrie Global Ventura Director and Viva Media Baru President and CEO Anindra Ardiansyah Bakrie recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU).

Century Properties and Bakrie Global’s cooperation aims to develop and strengthen the tourism and media technology sectors of both the Philippines and Indonesia. Their agreement sets the stage for a mutual sharing of resources, from allocating capital investments to the exchange of expertise and skills to establish a Media City, a Sports City, and a Technology Corridor in the Philippines.

The Media City is envisioned as a mixed-use development that will host a state-of-the-art multi-media content development center that will be distributed primarily in Indonesia and the Philippines, the rest of ASEAN, and the world. It is also planned to have residential, retail and other commercial components.

The Sports City is planned to offer multiple sports complexes in the country.

The Technology Corridor, on the other hand, is envisioned as the Philippines’ own version of California’s Silicon Valley. It is planned to enhance the bilateral technology transfers between the two countries, the Philippines and Indonesia, as well as serve as a hub for the country’s tech-centric brain pool.

A third company, Revolution Precrafted Properties Limited, a real estate technology startup founded by CEO Robbie Antonio, forged the cooperation between Century Properties and Bakrie Global.

As part of the agreement, Century Properties will seek to provide the land for the aforementioned three themed master planned concepts.

Meanwhile, Bakrie Global will lend the expertise and resources of its telecommunications, media, and technology arm Visi Media Asia, Indonesia’s fastest growing integrated media company, to be involved in the aspects of broadcasting, programming, and content creation in the planned Media City.

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