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Top 4 Energy ‘Tipid’ Tips For The Summer Months

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The talk of summer brings excitement to everyone, but reality is the summer heat is rather excruciating! That’s why people in their homes have to use the air conditioners and electric fans for extended hours during this time, which, unfortunately, translates to higher electric bills.

Electric bills are expected to be higher during the summer months. Therefore, people are always advised to be more energy efficient.

Check out some energy “tipid” tips that you can do at home below:

Unplug Appliances and Electronics

Unplugging home appliances and electronics when not in use is one of the easiest ways to be energy efficient.  Switch off the TV and DVD/Blu-Ray player when you are not going to use them for hours.

Also, shut down your computer or laptop when not in use instead of putting it into sleep mode.

Improve Lighting and Ventilation

Keep the curtains and blinds open to let the natural light in. With that, you will save on electricity because you don’t need to use light bulbs during day time. That will also allow the air to flow freely.

Set the Air Conditioner’s Thermostat

From high cool (18°C), set the air conditioner’s thermostat to mid cool (25°C). According to electric company Meralco, by doing so, you may save up to P353 per month.

Also, adjust the fan settings to low speed so you can cut your electricity bill by 17%

Clean Appliances Regularly

Major appliances such as refrigerators and air conditions need to be cleaned and maintained in good condition regularly because they consume more power than ordinary appliances.

Electric fans should also be cleaned regularly from dust on the fan blades and motor housing.

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