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Landscaping 101: Better Homes and Gardens

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Do you want to maximize the space in your backyard or make a beautiful scenery in front of your house?

Scroll down for some great ideas!

Start a Vertical Garden

Vertical gardening can make the most out of your garden space, which involves less work but guarantees more benefits. It’s also easy to maintain and promotes healthy plants.

If it’s your first time gardening and you want it to be simple yet rewarding, vertical gardening suits you.

Make Your Garden Mobile

Clays and pots are so difficult to carry, especially if you want to reposition them in your garden. Alternatively, buy caster wheels at the hardware store to improvise a rolling planter. Attach these wheels to metal trash cans, which you can easily move around.

Use Recycled Containers

Filling empty bottles and cans with plants is a creative undertaking.  Be sure to put holes in the container’s bottom to drain excess water and prevent it from rusting.

Make Your Garden Look Bigger

Plant large tropical plants to create a lush feeling in a small landscape garden.

The use of plants with different textures may also help.

Add a Mowing Strip

A mowing strip keeps off unnecessary grass along your pathway. It also provides an easy and mud-free access to your garden equipment.

Install a Water Feature

A water feature doesn’t have to be big. You can install a medium-sized water fountain, bird bath, miniature pond, bubbling container, water basin, or even a stairway water feature. It makes your garden look more alive. Seeing and hearing the water also soothes and relaxes your mind.

Add Colors to Your Garden

Plant some colorful flowers, such as bougainvillea, santan, and yellow bells, to make your home more welcoming.

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