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Top 5 Tips to Floodproof Your Home

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By Jekelyn Nisola

Flooded streets, dripping wet umbrellas, heavy traffic, canceled classes and work, and delayed flights are some recurring scenarios we face during the rainy season. Having three seasons, the hot dry season (March to May), rainy season (June to November), and cold dry season (December to February), living in the Philippines means you cannot escape the heavy rains and typhoons, which, unfortunately, cause massive flooding.

To protect your property before the flood water enters your home, we have listed below some floodproofing techniques.

Take note that floodproofing is not a cure for all flood problems; it’s just one of the many flood damage reduction tools you must consider.

Know The Areas at Risk

Every homeowner must know if their house is in the flood-prone areas. If yes, know where the flood water could get into your house. The doors and windows are not the only water passageways of your house.


Move your valuables upstairs or raise them off the floor. You don’t want your TV to get wet, right? Put that lovely TV on an elevated table. The goal is to keep these items, especially the electric appliances, above the potential flood.

Protect Unmovable Items

Those hefty items such as the furniture, washing machine and dryer, refrigerator, and sofa are too hard to move upstairs. We suggest that you cover them with large sealable bags to protect them from getting wet.

Put up Shelves

Don’t you have a second floor at home? No worries, you may want to consider building high shelves to store your valuables.

Build Sandbags Walls

Sandbags placed outside your doorways divert the flow of the flood water away from your house, preventing the water to enter your premises. It takes time to build these sandbags; so it’s never too early to build these barriers.


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