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A Christmas Message from Yuri Stegeman, PropertyAsia.ph Founder

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As the end of the year approaches, we all tend to worry about the busy holidays in front of us. And by the time the holidays start, we’re exhausted already and need every bit of it to recover for the next year. So instead of worrying about what’s to come, I’d like to take a moment to flash back at what we, at PropertyAsia, accomplished over the past year.

The Philippines has seen an absolute race to adapt to new technologies in the past year, and it won’t stop anytime soon. The Internet speeds have been breaking speed barriers, and there are Apps for everything and nothing (do you still remember how we used to hail a taxi before Uber and Grab?). Add to that, ordering our everyday things online is becoming mainstream. I’m proud to say that PropertyAsia has been part of this revolution and was able to help many people to find their new home.

We always have put innovation and customer focus on top of our list to improve our services. This year has been no exception, for example, our live chat has been a great success; we were able to answer thousands of questions on the spot. Furthermore, we’ve been working hard to bring you new products by the first sunrise of 2018: a CRM to assist brokers and agents (Aggrego), a trustworthy place for all your questions about real estate (Real Estate Forum), and soon, a marketplace for everything you need in and around your home! We’ll keep you updated!

All that has been established over the past years would have been impossible without the great and dedicated team behind PropertyAsia. Different from traditional companies, a start-up business requires the team to be flexible and embrace changes all the time, which is not always easy. For this, I’d like to thank the team behind PropertyAsia for all their efforts and dedication!

Lastly, I’d like to also thank everyone that has been using PropertyAsia and putting their trust in the platform, either as a service for what they were searching for or an online tool to make that certain sale.

Leaving me to wish everyone a great holiday ahead, and please remember: do not stress too much about everything, rather enjoy the little things in everyday life.

Have a Merry Christmas and a splendid New Year!

Yuri Stegeman
Founder, PropertyAsia

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