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2018 Home & Office Trends According to Feng Shui

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Written By: Kay Cabanilla, Edited By: Jekelyn Nisola

Are you worrying about how you could turn your house or office different in 2018, especially when you have little budget to buy expensive home decors? Don’t fret because we’re sharing these tips that will help you this new year.

Wood and metallic elements are going to be strong in 2018, making your home and office more charming and different. What’s more important is that these elements help spread positive energy into your home, office, and your life.

Wood Element

Place wood element decors, which look good, at the same time less expensive. Add flowers and plants, especially bamboo, to promote a healthy ambiance. Bamboo gives off energy that helps improve the air quality; it’s  also a source of joy and luck as it expands the good energy in your home and office.  Make sure it stays healthy throughout the year;  keep it watered.

Where’s the best area to place this wood element? The wood element comes in the colors of green, brown, as well as the images of lush and green landscapes, rectangular shapes, attractive healthy plants, and fresh flowers. A wooden bagua should be placed in the South, Southeast, and East areas of your home or office to promote good reputation, health, family, money, and abundance. Avoid putting it in areas such as the North, Northeast, and Southwest areas, where the wood element is weak.

Metallic Element

You can also add the metallic element decors such as a metal Buddha sculpture, which can bring excellent energies of discipline, freshness, purity, and clarity. If you feel down, frustrated, and lacked clarity, you might need this metal element. In this case, you should put metallic ornaments in the North, Northwest, and West areas in your home or office.

Gold, silver, and bronze decors have been popular since 2016; they will remain sought-after in 2018. When you start a new project in the office or would like to invite a whole new experience in your home, a metal element with a bright yellow color will give off a positive boost.

The metal element comes in the colors of white, gray. and gold, and a variety of metallic finishes, with a round shape.

May this New Year equip you with good luck, health, and fortune! Happy New Year from PropertyAsia.ph!

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