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Look: Tsinoy Celebrities’ Homes

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Written by: Mary Rose Borca, Edited by: Jekelyn Nisola

Get ready to be inspired because we’re giving a sneak peek at these beautifully designed Filipino-Chinese celebrities’ dream houses. Say, here’s an idea: why not adopt some of their designs in your own homes?

  • Kris Aquino

Many of us have been following Kris Aquino, “The Queen of All Media,” on her social media accounts. So far, she has 10 houses here in the Philippines; her newest house has recently been renovated, which exudes a completely elegant look.

She mentioned in an interview that her house doesn’t have a living room in order to accommodate a bigger kitchen space. But her house has a lanai by the pool, which serves as a living room, where her guests are entertained.

Also, Kris has built a mini arcade at home, which she promised to his sons Josh and Bimby. This mini arcade surely delights her kids during their free time.

  • Heart Evangelista

Heart Evangelista’s house will blow your mind! This 32- year-old actress, who not only has the ability to effortlessly pull off any outfit for every occasion, has also some serious taste when it comes to decorating her house.

See for yourself and be amazed at what she has done with her dream home.

Her house has a 20-seater dining table, which she passionately decorates with different themes for her guests who come over. And did you know that her bathroom has a shoe-filled walk-in closet?

Her house’s clean lines, artsy décors, and pops of color–bursting with personality–add up to her elegant house that truly reflects her character.

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  • Xian Lim

Let’s get to know Xian Lim, his taste and personality that resonates in his own home.

His love for music, which runs in his family, can be seen in his living room. The main attraction is a rare grand piano made by the Aeolian Organ & Music Co., which was founded in New York City in 1887.

His dining area has an eight-seater table, which is commonly used for entertaining his guests. His private space, which is his bedroom, is a sparsely furnished.

Interestingly, Xian has a completely see-through walk-in closet where you can conveniently take a peek at what’s inside.

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