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Decorate Your Home Like A Celebrity

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Written by Kay Ann Cabanilla, Edited by Jekelyn Nisola

Some people get inspiration from the home décors of their favorite celebrities. But, frankly, we can’t afford the famous interior designers that these celebrities hired nor the luxurious ornaments they have used in their homes. You might be asking yourself if you could achieve the same effect, though. Here’s a secret: look closely at the details; it’s actually not that difficult to achieve the same look on a low budget.

By following these simple and easy steps, you can actually emulate your favorite celebrities’ homes.

  1. It’s all in the pillows

Throw pillows are the perfect accessory and have a big contribution on how the whole home will look. Consider the following factors that can affect the look of your home when using pillows:

  • Color: Choose a color that blends in or stands out. Look for something that has a similar color as your furniture.
  • Pattern: Patterns enhance the colors and the fabrics in the room.
  • Shape: Experiment using pillows with different shapes such as square, rectangle, and round.
  • Size: The pillow’s size does matter. Always remember, though, the pillow’s size should be proportionate to whatever piece of furniture it’s placed.
  • Texture: The texture of your pillows is an important element when designing your room.
  1. Keep it clean

The best secret of a plain and simple-looking home is to keep it clean. Let go of the things you don’t need. Keep everything organized, as simple as that. A clean space allows your mind to relax and be more creative. When you’re surrounded by uncleanliness, your mind tends to only focus on the chaos and less on the inventiveness.

  1. Construct a theme

To make your home more presentable, another way is to create a theme. Your theme can be based on colors, prints, or anything you want. In generating a theme for each room in your home, consider your design goals and unleash your particular style. Immerse yourself in various photos and inspirations that can spark your interest in colors and designs.

4. Don’t underestimate the small details

The small details should not be ignored.  When added, blended, and contrasted perfectly, these small details will help the room embody perfection. Little details such as decorative trays for your cosmetics and white towels in your bathroom will give an outcome you never expected.

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