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Savor The Philippines’ Top Home-Cooked Meals

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By Michelle Sarabosing

Filipinos are certified food lovers, especially when the dishes are served with rice!

Below, we’ve listed our top local home-cooked dishes that will certainly make you ravenously hungry!


This authentic Filipino dish is one of the most popular in the Philippines. The kaldereta’s main ingredients are pork, beef or goat meat, tomato sauce and paste, liver spread, and a little bit of spice.


This Filipino sisig dish is made up of a pig’s body parts such as the head, ears, cheeks, and/or liver. It’s best served with kalamansi juice and chili pepper.

It’s also a great match for beer!

Sizzling Sisig | Photo by Daniel Go

This famous dish is deep fried pig’s legs, served with vinegar and chili sauce. It’s definitely more delicious when served boneless!

Crispy Pata

This native soup is known for its original sour taste courtesy of one of its main ingredients: the tamarind fruit.  Fish, pork, and shrimp are usually added to the soup mix.

Sinigang | Photo by Allan Reyes

This all-time favorite is the Philippines’ version of the meat stew, mixed in with different vegetables such as broccoli, eggplant, and squash, and peanut sauce.

It’s best served with a side dish such as the atchara, which is made from pickled green papaya.

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