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Top 5 Signs to Look For When Moving In With Your Partner

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Relationships are sometimes difficult to sustain. However, there are relationships that stand the test of time.

If you’re in a relationship but not sure if it’s worth living together, check out these signs if it’s the right time to move in with your partner.

  • Frequent Sleepovers

This usually happens when you’re so into your partner, you almost forget you have a home of your own (or the other way around). If you both have clothes in each other’s closets and you don’t see your housemates quite often, it’s time to ponder and do something about it.

If you’re spending the nights together, you certainly know each other’s intimate details. You’re very familiar with his scent, you know if he snores or not, and you’re attentive to his sleeping habits. These things make you more comfortable with being with your partner for a longer span of time.

Intimacy is usually the first sign to know if you’re with the right person. If you can imagine waking up with this person every day, cooking him breakfast, doing his laundry and more, then it may be worth the risk of living together.

  • Conflict Resolution

Misunderstandings are all part of a relationship. There are things you may not agree on and situations that will lead to fights. Still, whatever the reason is for your mix-ups, the important thing is you can kiss and make up.

Furthermore, there are lovers who fight over a simple thing and end up falling apart.  If you can easily resolve conflicts no matter how tough they are, then you’re likely to develop a more serious, stronger relationship.  Patching things up easily will help you in your future venture as partners. If conflicts and fights are not an issue to both of you, then it’s a good sign you can live a happy and stress-free life under the same roof.

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  • Holiday Survival

Most relationship advisers challenge partners to spend the holidays together to see if things will go smoothly between the two of them. Being away with your partner means having quality time together without the pressure of your jobs, families, friends, and colleagues; thus, giving you a nice time to discover things about each other.

Being on a vacation is far more different from just being at your place or your partner’s. When you’re out with your partner for a holiday, you’ll both observe each other’s behavior thus leading you to discoveries. Getting to know each other doesn’t end with intimacy. Even if you’re together for a long time now and you sleep together often, there are still things you may not yet know about each other, and those may be the most important things you need to know for a stronger relationship. You may even be surprised about each other’s revelations.

  • Compatible Lifestyle

You may be a night owl, while your partner prefers staying at home and curling up in bed with coffee and paperbacks. This may sound OK since people have different preferences, passion, and perspectives in life. But these may also affect your relationship.

Having different lifestyles can be a source of misunderstanding. For instance, you’re a very sociable person but your partner isn’t. Even if you want to go to different social gatherings with him, he will refuse because he doesn’t like dressing up and being in a crowd. If you’re open-minded enough and you really love your partner, you’ll understand. But time will come you’ll get tired of it.

On the other hand, if you and your partner have a compatible lifestyle, you can develop a stronger, healthier relationship. What’s more fulfilling than doing what you both love together? If you’re both party animals, you can go to bars together and party without worrying about someone getting drunk or being in danger. Also, this will help you get rid of causes of misunderstandings such as jealousy and possessiveness.

With the same lifestyle, you can do the things you love while taking care of each other. If you don’t consider your lifestyle a hindrance to your future together, this is a good sign that you can live together and make the most out of your relationship.

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  • Financial Agreement

Living together also means growing up together; and growing up means being emotionally, mentally, and financially wise. However, it’s not easy to be financially stable especially at a young age; but if you have a stable job, you can at least save money for your future.

If you and your partner have savings you think is enough for a place together, then that can be a good sign. Still, having savings is not enough. You may have money for a condominium unit, but the question is: are you both financially prepared to buy a shared property?

Financial agreement is very important when considering living together. If you or your partner is not willing to take the risk of financing for your home, then this may not be the right time to be living together. But if you’ve already agreed about buying a property and discussed your future finances, then this is a really good sign that you can move on to the next level of your relationship, which is to build a family.


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