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The Philippines’ Tourist Spots Inspire ‘IDestinasyon’ Exhibit

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By Jed Tupaz, Kay Cabanilla and Jannelle Buguis

Manila, Philippines—The PUP BS Interior Design Graduating Class of 2018 has an ongoing exhibit dubbed as “IDestinasyon: An Itinerary of Philippine Tourist Spots through Hospitality Interiors.” Truly, the different designs employed in every room will literally carry you away to different regions as if you really did travel the Philippines. The exhibit had its grand opening last Tuesday, April 03, 2018, and will run until Friday, April 20, 2018, on the 4th floor of the Ayala Malls Vertis North.  What’s even exciting is that the admission to the exhibit is free!

Pinatubo Spa

Cozy. Comfortable. Relaxing.

Let’s start off by relaxing ourselves in this modern-day massage spa room inspired by one of the famous mountains in the country located in Region III: Mt. Pinatubo. The visual texture of the stone walls and the smooth, round pebbles scattered on the pathway of the room surely resemble the mountain itself. Wood elements are also added in the design to achieve a harmonious balance. White sheets are used to accent the colors of the stones and the wood, giving the room a very clean look. What makes this room special is its giant mural painting displayed in the center, illustrating the scenery of Mount Pinatubo. According to the designers, they made sure the overall look of the room should be clean and minimal because they are showcasing a massage spa.

“…Nakuha po namin yung inspiration sa ash spa, which is found in Mt. Pinatubo kaso wala lang po dito yung ash itself kasi exclusive s’ya sa Mt. Pinatubo.”

– Angelie Saberon

Designers: Kathyreen S. Castro / Clifford Dale A. Domingo / Angelie A. Saberon

Kakang – Gata

Very Filipino. Unique. Native.

Who wouldn’t want to have a dinner at a fancy restaurant? The designers of the Kakang-Gata further proves that Filipino designs can also be combined with class and luxury. This fine dining room booth takes pride from its design elements inspired by all the things that make the Bicol region unique. The cream-filled walls of the room are taken from the famous food ingredient favored by Bicolanos: the gata. Cuts of wood formed into perfectly symmetrical shapes from the walls into the ceiling are inspired from the famous Mayon Volcano. The divider beside the huge wooden rounded table is even decorated with Capiz seashells, lighten up to give a soft and homey ambiance.

“…inadopt narin namin yung mga ancestral houses ng Bicol region para ma-showcase namin dito yung pagka Filipino n’ya. Para Pinoy na Pinoy talaga yung style.”

– Citela Reyes

Designers: Almira Joy F. Radam / Gilda Carmona / Citela L. Reyes

Haladaya Festival

Bravery. Festive. Indigenous.

It would be great to spend a good time with family and friends in this music lounge. The bright yellow accent of the stage surely highlights it as the centerpiece of the room. The use of bamboos to create the walls of the room and the wooden floor is actually taken from the legend of Datu Daya, a famous folklore in Region V. Marble tables and floral-ornate cushion chairs are also used to give contrast and balance to the design. Even the lights used in this room are part of the design, giving an impression of home and relaxation.

Designers: Warren F. Lungay / Jean Claudine C. Compañero / Allyzon Johnnes L. Asprec / Lorraine Anne Baniqued

Vinta Regatta Bar

Impeccable. Filipino. Adventurous.

Have a drink at this colorful bar stand inspired by the Vinta-Regatta boats sailing from the region of Zamboanga! The patterns of colorful triangles are playfully elaborated at the front side of the bar counter and even at the shelves as well. The materials used for the ceiling are made of dried leaves, handwoven together to create a distinct pattern, which is actually pretty unique for a ceiling! The bar stools even match the wooden floor, adding to the consistent look of the design. The blue light emitted at the back side of the shelves and the warm light surrounding the bar counter gives contrast with each other. Indeed, the designers of this booth are also able to bring out the balance in a Filipino modern design.

Designers: Mark Anthony Jabson / Bonn Tristan B. Yanson / Julius Angelo L. Garcia

Biri Rock Hotel Suite

Cozy. Comfortable. Homey.

Take time and rest at this hotel suite inspired by the mythical story that originated from the region of Samar. The room is purposely elevated to portray the rock formation from the story of the “Battle of the Gods.” The wooden structure curved starting from the left side of the room to the ceiling part of the right side of the room portrays a giant wave, splashing over a giant rock. The design used for the room is very clean and minimal, with only white and hues of brown as its color palette. The flower vase displayed at one of the shelves further highlights the asymmetrical design of the designers.

Designers : Mari Mar Prado / Kate K. Constantino / Stephanie Fitero

Davao Pearl Farm Beach Resort

Scenic. Majestic. Relaxing.

Would you like to experience the kiss of the sun? Not just in your skin, but in your whole room as well? The Samal Island is known for its pearl farming that’s why the designers of this booth took their inspiration from the sea. The walls are painted in hues of orange and yellow to portray the setting sun while the floor is dyed in teal blue, mimicking the blue seas. The platform edges and the dividers are carved into round and curvy shapes to imitate the waves of the sea. Handwoven patterns of dried leaves are also used in the ceiling to portray the pagodas on the island. At the center of the room lies a bed covered in white sheets. At the top of the bed is a mirror, with Capiz seashells carved into wave patterns to further highlight the wave design.

Designers : Axzell T. Tocmo / Justine Elaize G. Singun / Maria Gabel M. Nuñez

Lakeside Cafe

Unified. Abundant. Relaxing.

How about eating sweet pastries at the Lakeside Café? This booth is inspired by Lake Sebu located in the province of South Cotabato. From the wood carvings displayed at the ceiling to the shape of the platform, tables, and counter edges, the natural flow of the water in Lake Sebu is visibly used as an inspiration for this design. The LED lights also serve a purpose by further highlighting the wooden waves mounted on the ceiling and the platform as well. Seats are bathed in red cloth, depicting the red clothes worn by the T’boli tribe – one of the tribes located in the province of South Cotabato. One of the walls is even adorned with wall plants to highlight nature as one of the inspirations of the designers.

…Yun yung tatlong requirements namin — the culture, adventure, and nature.

– Aldrin Timbal

Designers : Valerie Anne M. Eclavea / Maria Pauline C. Acibar / Aldrin V. Timbal

Enchanted Playroom

Enchanting. Fun. Play.

Kids and even the kids-at-heart would love to try and play inside this kid’s playroom inspired by one of the Philippines’ mystical tourist spots: the Enchanted River in the province of Surigao Del Sur (Region XIII). Bundles of different varieties of toys surround the room! Aside from that, adventure awaits those who would enter the booth because a cute wooden slide that goes straight to the vivid cerulean pit of balls anticipates them. A rope-based equipment is also available on the platform above for a much exciting playtime! According to the designers, they intend to centralize the use of blue color to the ball pit to symbolize the color of the Enchanted River. To further resemble the said river, the designers even placed adorable mural paintings about the history of the river.

Designers: Angeline Claire C. Cardenio / Niña S. Gamboa / Charlotte C. Suarez

Peak of Creations

Tribute. Natural. Functional.

Get motivated and be inspired to do your best at work! This room gives an impression of professionalism and security without being too tight and strict. Rounded edges are used to design the platform of the room to portray the rice terraces of Sagada. Even a huge-rounded wooden piece adorns the ceiling of the room for consistency. At the back, shapes and sizes of different rounded objects are displayed on the shelves to achieve harmony. Looking at the right side, weave-like patterns enhance the panels of each cubicle. The walls are also painted in different hues of blue to depict the mountainous province of Sagada.

“…One of the cultural traits of the Kankanaey people from Sagada is that they value working hard together. So we made that as one of our top reasons for this concept.

– Alexandria Jonabi M. Lanuzga

Designers : Mary Ellis G. Pañes / Alexandria Jonabi M. Lanuzga / Ryan Miguel D. Bataclan

Basco Lighthouse

Cozy. Classic. Bonding.

Sing along with your family and friends in this lighthouse-inspired design of karaoke room. The room is bathed in different variants of lights — starting from the warm lights that adorn the cream-colored walls to the blue LED lights that accent the center stage. Beige-filled furniture are used to match the style of the room and the white panels are inspired by the stone patterns of the Basco Lighthouse in the province of Batanes. The rounded platform even partners the motif which encourages bonding with your loved ones. Overall, the room gives a majestic vibe of simplicity and elegance.

Designers: Rondal B. SInangote / Mikaela P. Argana / Kristine Joy. Verano / Angelica Marie F. Pavo

Cave Brew Coffee Shop

Industrial. Modern. Dim Ambience.

Sipping coffee inside a cave may sound absurd but drinking a cup of coffee in a cave-inspired coffee shop sounds better! The huge blocks of bricks, steel tubes of pipes, and luscious green plants hanging from the ceiling surely scream out the industrial design of this room. Using the underground river of Palawan as a design inspiration, the designers have managed to incorporate the thrill of trekking into the floor plan of the coffee shop. The walls are colored in hazy blue, symbolizing the waters in the underground river of Palawan. The pipe tubes at the back of the room serve its purpose as a speaker with a special effect, which mimics the muffled echoes inside a cave. Stalagmites and stalactites can only be seen in caves and the panels of this coffee shop illustrate it.

Designers: Aealuz Anne A. Obello / Rhealiza C. Dimaano / Wilhelm Joyce A. Bagac


Taking inspiration from the traditional boat called Baroto (from the sea waters of Northern Mindanao) and applying it to a modern style bake shop is the goal of the designers of this booth. Adapting the edgy form of the Baroto itself into the boulangerie interiors brings out the character of this space. By conveying the relaxing ambiance of the region’s natural scenery through the booth’s modern tropical interior, the room gives a connection with nature while having the shoppers enjoy the freshly baked goods that the shop has to offer. Wooden shelves are attached to the walls for displaying the goods. Different hues of brown are seen all over the room, which clearly speaks of minimalism that matches the motif.

Designers: Amylou Roma M. Bisana / Aljohn Terante / Lyssa Angela T. Lompot 

Hotel Ilooc

The beauty of the Ilocos Region is demonstrated clearly well by the designers of Hotel Ilooc. The hotel lobby shows the magnificent and ageless beauty of the region starting from the Bangui Wind Farm featured on the accent walls of the room to Vigan’s well-known Calle Crisologo, from the huge old churches to the flawless beaches depicted on the ceiling design. In addition to that, the Kapurpurawan Rock Formation’s form and color inspire the reception desk and floor as well.

Designers : Ly Ann M. Soriano / Ma. Teresa R. J. Molina / Ma. Patricia Casalme


Take time to pamper yourself in this nail spa that harnesses a sense of beauty yet exudes the functional details all throughout the space. The Boracay Island in Region VI is the inspiration for this room, where the application of muted and low-key colors is used. Also, the furniture are allocated in both sides of the space to express an easy atmosphere similar to the Boracay Island. The shelves at the left side of the room are adorned with different colors of nail polish. Walls are painted in white with a little bit of a texture to depict the beauty of the island.

Designers : Rubinia Y. Montero / Kim April Cuarto / Christine Anne Santos

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