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4 Ways To Market Your Real Estate Business Online

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Online real estate marketing is a tough game.  In fact, many of those who engage in online marketing fail to deliver the results they desire. So, if you’re going to market online, where 90% of homebuyers are searching for their first or next home, make sure you’re doing the right things.  To help you with your marketing strategies, here are some helpful tips on how to do online marketing properly.

  • Create a user-friendly, regularly updated website or Facebook Page

When potential homebuyers are visiting websites or Facebook Pages, they always expect something new in their every visit. Sadly, some property sellers often forget or don’t prioritize updating the basic information and property listings on their websites or Facebook Pages. If you’d like to stand out in the competition, don’t commit the same mistake!

Your website or Facebook Page should look professional, thus showing your visitors that you’re a reputable professional. Create a regular column or a video series where you can talk about your bits of advice on important topics.

However, be careful when posting tutorials and tips.  Make sure you only give valuable information that can help your visitors and avoid posting annoying immediate sales pitches. By sharing your knowledge with your visitors, you’re also building an impression that you’re an expert in the business of real estate.

What’s more, make sure your online platform, especially your website, is user-friendly or easy to navigate. Always remember that not all online users, especially the elderly, are not adept at using digital or mobile technologies. Keep your website simple but interesting.

  • Post your property listings on reputable online marketplaces

To make sure your real estate offerings are also found on multiple websites, besides your own, subscribe to various online marketplaces, e.g. PropertyAsia.ph.

These online marketplaces come in all shapes and sizes. Most of these websites charge a basic membership fee and a profit-sharing scheme in every successful sale. Tapping the existing networks and reach of these marketing platforms may help you sell out your inventory faster.

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  • Produce online content that matters

Content marketing has been a popular buzzword online. There are many ways to produce content on the Internet, e.g. blogs, videos, and podcasts. But as a serious marketer, you have to know the right content for your business and how best to manage them.

For one, producing high-quality articles will help you market your business more easily.  To drive traffic to your website or Facebook Page or achieve a higher ranking on Google search, you should only develop useful, relevant content. If you’re writing real estate-related articles, make sure they provide practical answers to the homebuyers’ most common questions or concerns.

Also, don’t forget to incorporate visual content into your articles. Most audiences get easily engaged with eye-popping images—still photos or moving GIFs—and nicely produced videos. Take note that shorter videos—about two to three minutes—are easier to digest.

  • Participate in online communities—forums, LinkedIn or Facebook Groups

Online communities such as RealEstateForum.ph and various groups on LinkedIn and Facebook are great partners to market your business. Being an active member of these communities can help you meet potential homebuyers. Engage with your fellow community members and share some of the contents published on your website or Facebook Page.

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