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3 Ways to Convert Real Estate Leads Into Sales

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By Pauline Castaneda

Let’s face it: the crucial part of managing sales leads for real estate agents is finding the most creative ways to turn inquiries into sales.  Converting inquiries into sales is not easy, and, most of the time, a long process. But there are basic techniques to help you generate more of those high-quality leads than unqualified ones, if approached strategically.

  • Identify high-quality leads from your long list of inquiries

An online contact form submission or a phone call could be anything. As often as possible, strike up a real conversation with your potential customer. If the buyer is asking for some details via SMS, call and walk them through it instead.  If you’re exchanging emails with your potential lead, ask if you could do a video chat as an alternative. Analyze if the inquiry is serious and could qualify as a high-quality lead.

Ask questions to find out the progress of their property purchase journey.  Gain more insights about their specific needs, ideal budget, and who has the final say on the purchase.

  • Score your leads

By setting lead scoring rules, via a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform such as Aggrego.io, you can keep your focus only on high-quality leads and stay away from dead-end leads. Prioritize your leads by knowing how likely these potential customers are interested in your property. The CRM can also be used to identify the leads that need nurturing; understand your leads’ profile and buying behavior; track engagements over time, and refine your marketing messages.

  • Nurture your leads

Establishing a relationship with a potential customer is the most important part of closing a sale. Most of your leads may not be ready to buy your property yet, so you must lay the foundation of a good business relationship. You may build a relationship by asking questions, following up via automated emails, sending newsletters, and getting feedback.

Working on establishing a good relationship early on can set you on the right path until the potential customer is ready to buy.

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