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The talk of summer brings excitement to everyone, but reality is the summer heat is rather excruciating! That’s why people in their homes have to use the air conditioners and electric fans for extended hours during this time, which, unfortunately, translates to higher electric bills. Electric bills are expected to

Summer is here, and what do people do when they can no longer bear the summer heat, besides hitting the beach? Rush to the nearest shopping mall! Speaking of shopping malls, did you know that the biggest mall in the world is China’s New South China Mall? This shopping haven

Can you already feel the summer heat? With 7,641 islands in the Philippines, there are lots of tourist destinations to explore. And if you still don’t know what to choose, here are some of our favorite summer destinations that may give you some ideas where to go next. Dinosaur Island

By: Mechelle Gonzales, Jekelyn Nisola One of the many traditions of Filipino Catholics during Holy Week is going on a religious expedition or visiting sacred places that have significance over their moral and spiritual beliefs. This journey is commonly known as a pilgrimage. This keeps the people’s faith alive despite

An excellent real estate photo can captivate homebuyers and can make you look professional if you’re a home seller. A good photo can also give your prospective homebuyer or tenant an idea of how the house looks like. The next time you plan on showcasing your properties for sale or

By Alene Alcabasa, Mechelle Gonzales Meet ANA,’s virtual assistant who collects and verifies homebuyers’ inquiries or leads on behalf of the broker and/or agent. ANA makes it easy for homebuyers to search for their ideal properties by asking three sets of questions: the first set of questions asks about

By Mechelle Gonzales Today’s modern living has given rise to the use of more appliances, which also increases the risk of electrical accidents at home or the office. And since it’s the fire prevention month, it won’t hurt to be reminded of ways to avoid electrical hazards. Check out our

By Rizza Ypil By simply sharing their dream home from the wide array of condominiums and house and lots on, Mrs. Angelita Maceda Agustin and her husband recently won a post-Valentine’s dinner at casual dining restaurant Crisp on 28th in Bonifacio Global City (BGC). “Thank you and Crisp

The Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology (Phivolcs), via The Philippine Star, has recently revived its “Big One” warning to the public that a magnitude 7.2 earthquake could be unleashed by the West Valley Fault anytime now, following the magnitude 6.7 earthquake that hit Surigao last February 10. How are

By Sahar Nathalie Gasemi For pet lovers, leaving their pets at home alone could be a worrisome problem.  Who will look after their pets?  What if they get hungry while their owners were away? If you live in Metro Manila, you might think it’d be hard to find places that