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Christmas 2018

Have you ever wondered how Christian families celebrate Christmas from different parts of the world? The infographic below shows how some of these families from varying geographic locations and ethnic backgrounds usher in this joyous season. Infographic: Hannah Baldelomar

By Hannah Louise Baldelomar CHOOSE YOUR FAVORITE HOUSE OF THE WEEK – CHRISTMAS EDITION. These holiday go-to cities have the perfect houses worth checking out this joyous season! Don’t forget to cast your votes! 3 Bedroom Single Detached House For Sale In Baguio City Spend a fun time with your

What Christmas is really about? These young talents at Tanghalan Mandaluyong (TMI), a community-based performing arts group that aims to keep children and the youth (especially the young ones) away from the streets, share their thoughts in the short video titled “Aguinaldo.”

By Jekelyn Nisola The most joyous season has arrived! ‘Tis is the season of sweet gifts and sweet deeds, where colorful LEDs light up the streets, fascinating parols are hung in every house, and the joy in people’s hearts bursts out in their smiles. It’s undeniable that we, Filipinos, make this season so