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By Trisha Mendoza From a bird’s eye view, the Manila City Hall is shaped like a coffin with a cross on it. The Manila City Hall was originally designed to look like the shield of the Knights Templar, which signifies that the Philippines has been under the care and protection

Manila, Philippines—American business magazine Forbes has recently included Manila, the capital city of the Philippines, in its list of the “10 Best Budget Travel Destinations for 2016,” alongside George Town (Malaysia), Xi’an (China), Barcelona (Spain), Thrace Region (Turkey), Morocco, Hungary, Malaysia, Croatia, and Puerto Rico. Writer Alexandra Talty (@TheMiddleOfTime) wrote,

By Jekelyn S. Nisola “All good things must come to an end.” – Geoffrey Chaucer Through the years, many landmarks in Metro Manila, which became part of the lives of the people around them, were destroyed by war, demolished, or replaced. Sadly, by the end of this year, another popular

Manila, Philippines—The Philippine Institute of Real Estate Service Practitioner, Inc. (PhilRES), which represents more than 22,000 real estate practitioners, e.g. appraisers, brokers, and agents, will hold its first annual national convention that will focus on the impact of the upcoming ASEAN economic integration on the real estate industry. With the