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Nationwide residential property prices grow by 10.4 percent year-on-year in Q3 2019 Residential real estate for various types of housing units, as measured by the Residential Real Estate Price Index (RREPI), increased by 10.4 percent year-on-year in Q3 2019. It is the highest growth rate observed since Q1 2016; it

By Pauline Castaneda Vibrant Economy The Philippines remains the third fastest growing economy in the Asia-Pacific region. Its strong inflow of investments, young demographics, and consumption-driven market drive this upward trend, which has elicited an outstanding growth pattern in the country’s property sector. Auspicious Infrastructure Projects The Philippines has entered

Chicago—Hyatt Hotels Corporation recently announced that a Hyatt affiliate has entered into a management agreement with Donggwang Clark Corporation (DCC), one of South Korea’s largest property developers, for a 350-room Hyatt Regency hotel in Clark, Philippines, located less than 70 miles northwest of Metro Manila. “We’re delighted to collaborate with

By Jekelyn Nisola CHOOSE YOUR FAVORITE CONDO OF THE WEEK. It’s a clash of interiors!  Behold and vote for your favorite now! Studio Condominium for Sale in Manila White walls and decors create a clean, calm sleeping space. They also make for stylish interiors. PRICE: ₱ 3,279,888 1 Bedroom Condominium

Art: Kim Melody Dolde, Von Pabalan, Jed Tupaz Still, the top predominantly Catholic country in Asia, the Philippines and its devout Catholics will observe the Lenten tradition called Visita Iglesia or “Seven Churches Visitation” on Maundy Thursday, March 29, this year. Whether you’re a regular churchgoer or simply a fan

The Philippine archipelago, which has 7,641 islands, is abundant in natural resources and incomparable landscapes. Some of the Philippines’ natural wonders are listed below: Chocolate Hills These geological formations, one of the country’s flagship tourist destinations, consist of around 1,260 chocolate brown hills, which are found only in the province

Written by Jannelle Buguis, Edited by Jekelyn Nisola The Philippines has something for everybody: from historical heritage sites and natural landscapes to colorful all-year-round festivals and unspoiled beaches, plus many more! And did I mention how hospitable the Filipinos are? Below, find out some of the things you can look

By Mechelle Gonzales, Jekelyn Nisola Manila, Philippines–Behind those captivating skylines are magnificent architectural structures. Over the years, Filipino architects and builders have successfully contributed to the enhancement of the Philippines’ landscape, either through man-made structures that have been part of our rich history or edifices that have been built only

Manila, Philippines–Colliers International, a global real estate services company, recently published in its report, titled “Shifting Orbits: The Rise of Satellite Communities,” that property developers should pursue more township communities than standalone projects, especially outside Metro Manila—Cavite, Laguna, Bulacan, and Pampanga. According to the firm, township projects offer a better

By Mechelle Gonzales The Philippines is an ideal place to invest in that’s why foreign investors are snapping up residential properties right and left.  Despite the economic downfall of several financial markets around the world, there are many reasons why foreign investors persistently purchase various properties in the country. Here