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By Alene Alcabasa Photos: Micia Tuico, JB Macatulad, K Fedland Are you excited about Valentine’s Day but still short on the budget? Below, we’ve listed some of the usual things you do during Valentine’s Day and some practical tips to keep things more affordable. Go on a dinner date at

Art: Micia Tuico Let’s face it: it’s annoying to have noisy neighbors! Spouses fight over money; teenagers who play loud music; dogs that bark endlessly, and the list goes on. Frankly, you can’t just sit at home all day–wearing your earphones–and wait for your eardrum to explode! We’ve asked around

Staging an open house increases your chances of selling your current home; this is done through different techniques such as depersonalizing, neutralizing, and decluttering.  However, staging an open house isn’t an easy process because most buyers are picky while some are snobbish.  Prospects may seem interested at first but they