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VR Makes Property Viewing Faster, More Convenient

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The 360-degree virtual tour above was taken at Regus offices at McKinley Town Center in Taguig City, Philippines.

Virtual Reality (VR) is often associated with gaming and entertainment.  On just any day, its stereoscopic, head-mounted display and immersive storytelling can give anyone an extraordinarily novel experience.

Because it enhances user engagement, VR is not only used in gaming and entertainment nowadays, but also in military and medical service, and in property selling. In fact, many real estate professionals are now talking about VR.

To view a property—via a 360-degree virtual tour—one simply uses a VR player online and/or puts on a VR headset or goggle.

For property buyers, there are enough valid reasons for using VR:

More Than Just Pictures

Property buyers often want to see the actual property so they can check how big it is and check all the parts of the house, building, or office space. But if scheduling an actual property tour is not possible yet, a virtual tour is a great alternative.  With a 360-degree virtual tour, property hunters can view any property and experience like they’re in the actual place.  They can check all the details of the property like what they would normally do in an actual site visit.

Effortless Property Tour

Property hunting is often a tiring and stressful process; it also costs time and effort.  Using VR to view properties is effortless and stress-free. On PropertyAsia.ph, property hunters can now view some of their listed properties with 360-degree photos. Don’t forget to put on a VR headset or goggle for a true VR experience.

Controlled Viewing Experience

VR empowers the user with full control of the viewing experience.  Just like being teleported, property hunters can jump from one site to another without worries and at their convenience.

Speedy Process

While the actual property hunting takes days, viewing properties via VR only takes a few hours—or a few minutes! Property hunters can inspect at least five or six properties in just one sitting.

Concisely, VR is very convenient to use, affordable, and time and cost-effective.

PropertyAsia.ph, together with Google Maps approved 360-degree camera Ricoh Theta S, exclusively distributed in the Philippines by CameraHaus Concept Stores, recently launched Real Estate 360:  easy, affordable 360-degree virtual tours for Filipino property brokers and agents.

To know more about PropertyAsia.ph’s services for brokers and agents, go to this page.

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