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By Von Pabalan “Homes stand for strength, embodying Filipino families who continue to have stronger family ties as they spend more time together.” Behold! These houses are the most viewed listings in in 2017! CHOOSE YOUR FAVORITE HOUSE! Will it be a house in Forbes Park Subdivision, Makati City,

By Michelle Sarabosing, Mary Rose Borca, Edited By Jekelyn Nisola Getting together and family bonding is what the holidays are all about. In time for Christmas, we’ve listed some exciting activities that will add more entertainment value to your family gatherings. Monito-Monita With a Twist The Pinoy Christmas Party isn’t

A short film by Jaime Cabalum, produced by Chanz IT Business Solutions Inc./ Starring Eisen Lim (Rico) and Akira Dela Cruz (Akira)

By Janelle Buguis, Mary Rose Borca, Michelle Sarabosing Safe Christmas Lights This Christmas, every home is adorned with different colored lights that sparkle from the inside to the outside of the house. To ensure that your Christmas lights are safe from fire, follow these tips: When buying Christmas lights, you

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