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Top 3 Survival Tips When Living In A Small Space

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Not everyone can afford a large house or condo.  If you don’t have the means, you’re likely to compromise for a small space.  However, living in a small space can be disheartening and sometimes annoying.  Whether you’re single or living with your family, the difficulties of living in a small space are just the same.  There are ways to get around with it though. Here are three survival tips when you’re living in a small space.

  • Learn How to Organize Your Home

If there’s one thing you had to improve on, it’s your organizational skills.  Unlike in a large place where you can put things wherever you want without sacrificing space, you have to make sure everything is well-organized in a small room.

If you live in a small space, your furniture choices are somewhat limited.  But this doesn’t mean you can’t have the furniture you want for your home.  You just have to organize them well and choose the furniture that will fit your living room, for instance; oversized furniture will only make your house look smaller.

Buy a couch that’s multi-functional.  Since you don’t have enough room for guests, you can use this kind of couch that folds out into a bed, where your guests can sleep comfortably.

You can also cut the clutter and organize every last thing in your home by using different organizers.  In the kitchen, you can use kitchen carts to store your utensils more efficiently.  Make full use of your kitchen cabinets and drawers. In the bedroom, you can organize your clothes well by adding more vertical shelves; placing extra rods and hooks; and using shoe racks. Lastly, in the bathroom, you can hang a shower storage rack.

By keeping things well-organized, you’re not just making your house look clean and free of clutter, but you’re also maximizing space to make your small place look more spacious.

  • Make Good Use of Spaces

Another thing to consider is making good use of spaces.

If you’re a bookworm but there’s not enough space to create a library, you can just place a tall bookshelf or a few bookcases in your bedroom or in the kitchen if you’re fond of cookbooks.

If you’re wondering where to put those extra pillows and mattresses, all you have to do is to get those underbed storage boxes.  For easier access, choose storage bins with wheels.

And if you have kids who are staying in one room, choose a fold away bunk bed. You may also opt for a trundle or loft bed, which is more comfortable.

  • Decorate to Make the Room Look Bigger

You can make your place look bigger with the right decorations. To start with, you have to use the right paint color for the interior. Essentially, you have to keep the color light as it will make the entire space appear larger. You may apply gray paint on the wall but make sure your furniture are light in color.

You can also use floor-to-ceiling window treatments to make your living room look more spacious.  According to celebrity interior designer Lori Dennis, extra-high ceilings will draw people’s eyes upwards, which make a room feel bigger.

Lastly, you can add wall mirrors to your room as they work wonders with making a small space look larger, too.

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