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By 2030, Asia Will Consume 45% of World Energy – Panasonic

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Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia—By 2030, Asia, whose fastest growing Southeast Asian countries include Malaysia, Indonesia, and the Philippines, will consume 45 percent of world energy contributed largely by buildings. That’s according to Panasonic Solutions Asia Pacific, which recently held a property developers’ forum attended by nearly 100 leading real estate professionals from Asia.

Panasonic has recognized the challenges faced by developers such as the rising costs of construction, accompanied by the increasing pressure to reduce environmental impact, and has begun partnering with real estate companies to develop better green and/or smart building solutions.

Panasonic products such as its green room system efficiently manages energy consumption by automatically switching off devices and appliances when someone leaves the room.  Its Hostel Energy Management System (HoEMS), on the other hand, provides real-time information on the energy consumption within any living space or workplace.

“The digital age has dramatically changed the way we live, and it looks set to also change the way we build,” said Wilfred Wee, executive vice-president of Panasonic System Solutions Asia Pacific.

He added, “Buildings are immovable and inflexible assets with limitations in adapting to changing needs, but with smart building technology, building owners and operators will see improved operational efficiency, water, and energy, and a reduction in carbon footprint.”

In Malaysia, developers are being encouraged to invest more in green buildings through various initiatives such as the Green Building Index (GBI) rating system, which is specifically designed for countries with tropical climate.

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