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Which of Your Appliances at Home Consume the Most Electricity?

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By Trisha Mendoza

The use of electricity is so basic to daily life. Without electricity, people and their surroundings would function less efficiently. Can you imagine how hard it would be to light up a room without electricity?

According to the quinquennial (every five years) survey of the Household Energy Consumption Survey (HECS), which presents information on household utilization of fuels, supply systems, and patterns of energy use, and other variables gauging the current energy scenario in the Philippines, electricity remains the most common source of energy in households. About 87 percent of 21 million households consumed electricity from March to August 2011.  One-third of the households, on the other hand, used fuel wood, charcoal, LPG, and kerosene.

Computing which appliances use the most energy at home is a tricky task, but the rewards are good.  Not only you can lower your electric bill but you can also help the environment.

Below are the appliances at home that consume the most electricity:

Infographic: Nicole Castaneda
Infographic: Nicole Castaneda

Source: Meralco.com.ph

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