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5 Home-Based Business Ideas This Summer

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By Trisha Mendoza

Summer is almost here, and if you want to earn extra income during this unforgivingly hot season, why not start a home-based business. Come to think of it, this could also be a great bonding opportunity for you and your family.

Below, we’ve listed a few business ideas you can set up from home.

  • Fruit Juice and Shake

Take advantage of the sweltering summer heat by selling icy-cold fruit juices and shakes to quench the thirst of the passers-by in front of your house.  Sweet and cold drinks are most in-demand during this uncomfortable season.

  • Halo-Halo

Filipinos crave for halo-halo, the traditional Filipino dessert, not only during the summer months but also all year round. Its icy concoction of sweet monggo beans, bananas, macapuno, pinipig, sliced red and green gulaman, sago, crushed ice, and creamy evaporated milk is to die for!

  • Ice Candy and Ice Scramble

Just like the halo-halo, ice candies are served not only during the summer months but also whole year round. Ice candies are frozen fruit juices or shakes that come in different flavors such as mango, buko, avocado, chocolate, and even fruit salad.  In starting an ice candy business, all you need are fruit juices and shakes, plastic containers, and a refrigerator freezer.

Selling ice scramble is also a great business idea you can start with a little capital.  To prepare ice scramble, all you need to do is mix a scramble premix powder with crushed ice.  Don’t forget to put powdered skim milk and some chocolate syrup on top.

  • Hot dog and French Fries

Young or old, everybody loves hot dogs and fries! They’re very easy to prepare, too. Serve hot dogs on sticks or on buns; sprinkle a liberal amount of cheese and barbecue powder on your fries!

  • Homemade Sweets

Homemade treats, such as Graham cake or balls, polvoron, yema, cookies, and cake pops, are a sure hit among teens and adults who have a sweet tooth.  These sweet treats are easy to prepare and very affordable, too.  You can even sell these goods online.

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