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Should I Hire a Real Estate Agent When Buying or Selling Properties?

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Buying or selling real properties is challenging.  Though there are some people who can buy or sell their properties on their own, it’s still sensible to hire a professional property agent to do the job for you. The process of buying or selling real estate is complicated, which requires a lot of paperwork and attention to details. People who sell their homes on their own have a lot of free time.  But if you’re a busy person, you should consider hiring a professional.  The job involves a lot of tasks and here are some of the examples:

Posting it Online

The real estate world is too big and it’s not easy to find a prospective buyer.  Fortunately, your real estate agent can help you list your house on online property search portals, such as PropertyAsia.ph, so your property will be easily seen by people who are looking for new homes, or even office or retail spaces.  Your agent may also list your house in newspaper classified ads.

Setting the Price

You may have a big, luxurious house but you can’t just price it based on you what you want.  The current worth of your property is measured by different factors such as size, location, and physical structure.  If this is the first time you’re going to sell a house and you don’t have that much knowledge of the real estate business, it’s best that you make good use of your property agent.  Significantly, your real estate agent has a more realistic perspective of how much your property is worth.


One of the basic tasks of a real estate agent is to negotiate with a buyer or seller, or with another agent.  Because your real estate agent will do all the necessary negotiations on your behalf, you can focus on your work and personal business.  You also don’t need to be a real estate whiz because your agent will take care of all the important documents and legal matters.

Making a Full Disclosure

If you’re selling a house, it’s your agent’s job to disclose everything about the property—even the smallest details.  Nonetheless, there’s nothing to worry about your personal and confidential information being disclosed because it’s your agent’s duty to protect you as a client.

Concisely, hiring a real estate agent to help you buy or sell a property helps you save a lot of time and effort.  Though it will not help you save more money because of the agent’s commission, it will definitely make the process quicker and easier.

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