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Our Top 12 Picks from 2016 PSID ‘Evolution’ Exhibit

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Text: Alene Joy Alcabasa|Photos: John Angelo Sergio

Manila, Philippines–A visit to the Philippine School of Interior Design (PSID) Class of 2016 “Evolution” exhibition gives you the impression of time travel to “the Past, the Present, and the Future.” These must-see exhibition booths are on display until next Monday, October 31, at the Square Building (just across Shangri-La Plaza) in Greenfield District, Mandaluyong City. Admission is free!

But for now, marvel at our own Top 12 picks from PSID’s “Evolution.”


Top 12: Modern Filipino

The appreciation of our local raw materials is what “Modern Filipino” wants you to value. See the famous solihiya chair turned into an accent wall, the vintage capiz windows turned into a modern Vigan divider, and the seagrass and abaca used as a decoration on the cabinets. These local natural materials become a luxurious bathroom with a touch of rose gold and rose quartz making the bathroom not just aesthetically beautiful, but also functional.

Designers: Gabrielle Dominique Chua, Sophie Irah Chan, Dianne Biala Lin, Christine Joy Mariano, Eunice Ellaine Ong, and Janica Ruth Uy


Top 11: Modern Japanese

Inspired by the Japanese concept of wabi-sabi (finding beauty in imperfection and profundity in nature), its interiors are incorporated with nature and even used natural materials such as abaca rope and bamboo. The best part is the dry rock zen garden, which functions as a lounge area where visitors relax and have tea ceremonies. The dry rock garden has circles that mimic the ripples of water. The steps leading to the garden are isolated pieces: one should take one step at a time, pause, relax, and enjoy the moment, before taking the next step.

Designers: Bianca Angelle Chiong, Rica Ann Fernandez, Momina Hayat, Maricar Lastimosa, Denice Nicole Marella, Nina Bianca Mendoza, and Shuzhe Wu


Top 10: Rustic Luxe

Combining different and contrasting elements make a good design. “Rustic Luxe” is a combination of rustic materials such as stone, brick, and barn boards with the luxury items  such as crystal chandeliers, soft plush fabrics and fur, eclectic accessories, and metallic accents. This 24 sqm showcase piece has three different kinds of mood lighting: (1) the entertainment setup for a warm welcoming feeling that’s suitable for visitors, (2) task-oriented day-time lighting, and (3) night-time lighting for a relaxing and more calming setting. Combining earthly elements and luxury items gives you a cozy feeling at your weekend home by “bringing the outdoors inside.”

Designers: Janneal Avy Chug, Jojo Go, Aaron Alwyn Lim, Ma. Sarah Eunice Musa, Roxanne Ramos, and Gilliane Tipon


Top 9: Organic Opulence

If you love nature, this design suits you.  Before you even set foot inside the booth, the designers have surrounded the area with grass. They value organic local materials and showcase them.  Its patio design features the transformation of natural materials to functional features. Some of the walls are made of gilid from coconut trees.  Besides the gilid, the designers also use abaca and rattan. The ceiling looks grand. Scrap wood materials are also applied to make a beautiful patio.

Designers: Samantha Felisse Concha, Monica Layug, Carizza Leonor, Lynn Ogoy, Flory Christie, and Reynaldo Parale


Top 8: Modern Victorian

Simple yet elegant is what makes “Modern Victorian” something that you would want. The Victorian era is the period of checkered patterns on black and white floorings, but the designers made it more modern by toning down the patterns, adding padded walls and beveled mirrors. Their design is consistent with the Victorian motif by using diamond patterns with touches of gold. It’s sophistically perfect for people who want a big space for their home office/library—spacious enough to even entertain their guests. “Modern Victorian” elevates the home office/library to a whole new level!

Designers: Angela Katrina Carlos, Trina Kathleen Cinco, Kiarra Marie Lorayes, Alyssa Marie Santos, Joan Lindsey Tay, and Charmaine Uy


Top 7: Modern Baroque

Elegance and royalty are the interpretation for “Modern Baroque.” The main elements that they took from the baroque style are the regular and counter curves on the wall paper, cabinet door panels, and even the furniture. Mauve is the theme color because it’s the closest to red, a perfect fit for the dining table. On the other hand, the mirrors in the ceiling are for the illusion of more space: “The higher the height, the bigger the space.”

The designers also want to encourage people to be hygienic in the kitchen by showcasing the “tap-and-go” mechanism of the cabinets.

Designers: Maria Irene Busque, Dove Gail Cielo, Kristin Flores, Faye Michelle Guevarra, Mary Claudine Medina, Maybelle Anne Ngo, and Joy Ann Villegas


Top 6: Warren Platner

Inspired by the iconic American architect and designer Warren Platner, the “Warren Platner” booth, which features bold patterns, colors, and shapes, exudes the youthful, fun, and retro feel. This 1960s American home design concept targets different ages. With vibrant colors, it creates a warm and inviting atmosphere, perfect for entertaining guests.

Designers: Patricia Rianna Angeles, Romualdo Eduardo Anselmo, Peter Paul Ascano, Elisabeth Elisha Caballas, Joanna May Cipriano, Karla Angeline Domingo, Denise Camille Velasco, and Jolina Paula Turqueza


Top 5: Funk Art

Be alive and inspired with this design. It comes from pop art but it has more muted shades of gray and black.  The design utilizes rustic bricks and wood planks that create a New York-esque interior. Also, the lyrics of Lady Gaga’s “Born This Way” in neon colors represent the futuristic funk art and club vibe. The ceiling, which boasts a repetition of geometric figures, is inspired by tessellation, one of the current trends in graphic design. The designers also maximize the space by using the corners. It’s a solid bedroom, which also has a lounge and working area perfectly fit for the millennials.

Designers: Maria Larissa Duenas, Katherine Guinhawa, Wilhelmina Madarang, Dezi Jasha Jeannine Orsos, Casey Uy, Jennifer Vargas, and Dianne Versoza


Top 4: Modern Moorish

A relaxing and welcoming ambiance is what “Modern Moorish” is about. The beautiful arched windows incorporated with the furniture make you feel like royalty. Multifunctional features, such as the chairs that turn into tables and the water wall feature that turns into a projector for late-night movies, give an idea for the family to hang out and break out the habit of always being indoors. This lanai is perfect to relax and be cozy with your family and friends.

Designers: Lai Graciosa Buenaventura, Ryanna Beatrice Dalistan, Louricia Earille Gardiola, Maureen Lutero, Fergelie Marasigan, Patricia Masaoy, and Khristelle Nicole Prado


Top 3: Modern Chinese

Powerful yet fragile is what the design is all about. The designers maximize the space and divide it into three areas: reading, office, and entertainment areas. The “bird cage” chair is inspired by the Chinese royalties who walked with their birds in cages—uplifting their spirits—during the Qing dynasty. A Chinese symbol in the center of the room is the shou, which represents luck and long life.  Almost all the designs have meanings in Chinese such as water for wealth, and mirror for fertility, productivity, and knowledge. If you want to feel lucky, you should consider this design.

Designers: Francia Myann Bermudez, Shane Mariz Chu, Nicole Cuason, Rhanmhar Dacayo, Karen Angeliza Guioguio, and Pok Yu Anthony Lau


Top 2: Modern Tropical

Where everything is alive! “Modern Tropical” stimulates your five senses: (1) sense of touch—its vegetation wall’s texture is very soft, almost like a sponge; (2)(3) sense of smell/ taste—its dining room and appetizing food makes you hungry; (4) sense of sight—the vibrant colors of the African lovebirds and moss bring out the color of the tropics, and (5) sense of hearing—the chirping of the birds, trickles of water. The overall feel is warm, never stiff. Its flora dioramas show you a new way to decorate a plain wall. For the ceiling, it symbolizes the two seasons of the tropics: the rays of the sun for the dry season and the running water for the wet season. The designers use natural materials in a way though irregular, they’re all functional because nature’s imperfection is what makes it innately beautiful.

Designers: Michelle Bueno, Pamela Cato, Joanna Lauren Chua, Erika Elejido, Dominique Anne Manalo and Isabelle Monique Zuniga


Top 1: Modern Mediterranean

Travel to one of Greece’s most popular islands, Santorini, without spending any money. The stucco-finished walls, the combination of blue and white spaces, and niched cabinetry stand out in “Modern Mediterranean.” The alcove seating, aquarium setup, and the television behind the two-way reflective glass also help the room transform into a unique Mediterranean modern feel. It’s simply cozy that you wouldn’t want to leave this room again.

Designers: Ronald Bayan, Mark Daniel Buensuceso, Anzella Nicole Casica, Mariae Evangelista, Lex Angelie Guieb, Michelle Lee, and Flordeliza Magcale

“Evolution,” which features 24 exhibition booths from PSID Class of 2016, ushers in PSID’s 50th anniversary next year.

For more information, visit PSIDEvolution.com.

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