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How to Become a Top Real Estate Agent in 2018

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Written by  Jannelle Buguis, Edited by Jekelyn Nisola

Selling real estate in the Philippines is a lucrative career if you know how to tap the right market and if you have good social skills. With the real estate industry’s fast-paced innovations and the emergence of numerous developers, brokers, and agents, selling properties is becoming more and more competitive.

We suggest that you pay attention to these 5 items, which can help you reach the zenith of your selling career in 2018.

Get a Mentor 

To be on top is not easy that’s why you need to learn from the experts–people who have the professional experience and knowledge in selling properties.  There is so much to learn from these mentors such as how to get quality leads and how to best close the deals.  Ask them some of the techniques and advice that will further motivate you to work harder.

Stay Connected

Regularly update your listings, contact information, and email addresses on various property search portals such as on PropertyAsia.ph so your clients can easily contact you. Stay connected with your clients by sending them recent market analyses and reports so they’ll realize that investing in real estate is a smart move. Also, greet your loyal clients on their birthdays and during the holidays. Your good relationships with your clients could bring in some referrals in the future!

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Be a Great Communicator

With the help of various social media platforms and property search websites, you can easily get leads and act on them. Understand how to be a good communicator online and offline: try to establish a personal touch in every transaction. Be kind and calm when talking with your clients.

Be Persistent

Be patient with your clients, especially those who do follow-ups.  Always respond quickly to both small and big clients. Remember that those compliments from clients, big or small, will help you get referrals, too.

Be Yourself

We have different personalities and perspectives in life. Do not compare yourself against another broker or agent; just be you! To become a Top Real Estate Agent, you have to put your own “personal touch” to close the deal. Being original will make you stand out from the rest; create your own strategies and tactics to accomplish your goals!

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