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How to Attract Good Luck Feng Shui This Year of the Earth Pig

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By Pauline Castaneda

On GMA News, Johnson Chua, a Feng Shui adviser, said that 2019, the year of the Earth Pig, will be a lot better than the previous year of the Earth Dog.

At home, using the ornamental Feng Shui elements will help attract positive energy and bring in the desired changes into your life.  The Earth Pig sign attracts success in various areas whether it be business, family, or friendship.

Further, practical interior design ideas combined with neutral room colors, cozy and warm decorative accessories, natural textures, and efficient design solutions are the trends in decorating this year.

Lucky Numbers

4, 6, and 8 are the lucky numbers for your home interiors. Use these numbers as your inspiration when hanging wall artworks and decorating your bed or sofa with pillows.

Lucky Plants & Flowers

Here are some of the plants, flowers, and herbs that bring good vibes, love, wealth, and fortune:

  • Peace Lily is a gorgeous bright white flower with dark green leaves that fosters financial success.
  • Rose flower attracts love and good luck.
  • Orchid flower, which woos love as well, deepens friendships and helps soothe your soul.
  • Cactus plant’s blooming flower symbolizes instant good luck.
  • Tulsi plant wards off negative energy, which further promotes financial stability.
  • Jasmine flower attracts love, money, and prophetic dreams.
  • Rosemary plant increases brain power, attracts love, and encourages sexual attraction
  • Money plant produces positive energy flow, which also attracts good luck and fortune.

Image of the Pig

Having an image, an illustration, or a decorative figurine of a pig engages positive energy, which enables you to absorb every opportunity that comes your way.

Eco-Friendly Home Decors

Good Feng Shui also comes from using natural and green ideas for your personalized interior design. Display wood furniture, water features, and other home accessories with earthy or feminine pale-pink colors.

Revamped Home Arrangements

Harness the good Feng Shui energy by allowing it to naturally flow at home.

  • Near the front door, place a bin for shoes to keep them in place and a vase of flowers to add a refreshing vibe. Also, install a mirror; it promotes the circulation of energy.
  • Make sure your door knobs are in good condition—no chipped paint or loosen screws.
  • To keep the positive energy inside your home, clean the bathroom regularly; make sure it’s smelling fresh all day long!
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