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2019 Trending Colors For Your Home

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By Hannah Louise Baldelomar

Vibrant, yet very pleasing to our eyes, pastel colors have been the latest trend since 2018. According to expert interior designers, pastels give that refreshing and satisfying look for your home interiors.

Different pastel tints may evoke different moods, so it’s best to know which colors would best suit your home.


Lavender/Lilac was announced by Pantone as last year’s color. The different shades of lilac are best used in the living room and furniture. Sofas are the best pick for lilac, which gives a more relaxing mood. It can also be used for drawers, other home decorations, and kitchen counters. The darker tone of lilac is perfect to bring out the rich and luxury vibe of your house.

If you want a more romantic and relaxing feel for your home designs, Lilac is your best choice!


Pink is a bright and beautiful color that most young women love. This color, in general, can be used anywhere inside your house. Pastel Pink is applicable to any part of your house and suitable to walls and basic furniture. This color also possesses a playful and calm vibe.

If you aspire to have that playful look on your house, Pastel Pink will shine out.


Orange, in general, symbolizes enthusiasm and energy. Lighter tones are good for wall designs or patterns and living rooms. Living Coral, which is Pantone’s 2019 color, is considered a neutral tone of Orange. This is also good in the bedroom in order to feel the positive energy and satisfaction.

If this color enlightens your day, Peach Orange will make you feel refreshed or recharged.


This color trend is perfect for nature lovers. Applying the green look to your house makes you feel the presence of peaceful nature. New Greens are applicable to kitchen furniture, such as tables and chairs. This new look will also appreciate the clean and friendly vibe within you.

Planning to redesign your room, New Greens is a perfect choice for you.


Lemon Yellow is considered as the brightest and liveliest color for designing rooms and for wall paints. It’s also a perfect color for your bedroom decorations. Its different color shades will lighten up and motivate your daily living.

If you’ve been wanting a wonderful and exciting look for your house, Lemon Yellow is your best option!

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