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These Museums Celebrate International Museum Day; Admission is FREE!

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By Jekelyn Nisola, Pauline Castañeda

In today’s modern world, we have museums, which take us back to the past, help preserve our history, and tell us our nation’s story.  On May 18 this year, we’re celebrating the International Museum Day, where these ‘time machine’ establishments open their doors to visitors for free! We’ve listed some local museums you should pay a visit this weekend.

Photo Art: Jekelyn Nisola via Canva
  • National Museum of Natural History

The National Museum of Natural History opened May last year. It’s the third building of the National Museum Complex in Manila; the two other buildings are the Fine Arts and Anthropology museums. This museum showcases the country’s rich biodiversity, alongside some fun interactive activities and models. It also features a life-size replica of “Lolong, the crocodile” and other geological collections and  artifacts that date back the Paleolithic Period.

Photo Art: Jekelyn Nisola via Canva
  • Museo de Intramuros

Located in two of the most important reconstructions inside the Walled City, San Ignacio Church and Mission House of Society of Jesus, is the newly-opened Museo de Intramuros. The museum, according to Intramuros Administration Chief Guiller Asido, has been in the making for 40 years before it opened to the public. The museum was designed to house the period art collections of Intramuros Administration, which include ecclesiastical art, vestments, textiles, furniture, and other artifacts from 400 years ago. It has six sections: (1) The Immaculate Conception, (2) The Religious Order, (3) The Patronato Real and the Establishment of Parishes, (4) Religious Colonial Paintings, (5) The Establishment of Parishes and Sacred Vessels, and (6) The Indio Response.

Photo Art: Jekelyn Nisola via Canva
  • Yuchengco Museum

Stands at the corner of Ayala Avenue and Gil Puyat Avenue, this museum displays the huge art collection of Ambassador Alfonso T. Yuchengco and the art collection of the three Masters of the Brush: Juan Luna, Fernando C. Amorsolo, and Carlos “Botong” Francisco. These Masters tell the stories of the Filipinos’ way of life, their myths and history with compelling images and their own unique styles.

Since September 2015, the Yuchengco Museum has been fostering for a greater public appreciation of the arts by hosting some of the finest international and local exhibitions and programs. It is not only a “temple’ that showcases art, but also a “forum” for exchange, debate, and education.

Happy International Museum Day from PropertyAsia.ph!

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