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*Accomplish the following forms prior to filing: Health Statement Form (Medical Questionnaire) – For OFW members over 60 years old – For loans over P2M to P6M and for borrowers aged up to 60 yrs old Health Statement Form (Medical Questionaire) and full medical examination – Borrowers over 60 years

Summer is here, and what do people do when they can no longer bear the summer heat, besides hitting the beach? Rush to the nearest shopping mall! Speaking of shopping malls, did you know that the biggest mall in the world is China’s New South China Mall? This shopping haven

Manila, Philippines—In the third quarter of 2016, the Philippines was one of the fastest growing economies in Southeast Asia at 7.1% GDP growth, according to the National Economic and Development Authority (NEDA). Among the Asian economies, the Philippines placed second behind India. “Our economy’s strong growth in the third quarter

Living in a house that’s unbelievably smaller than some of your friends’ bedrooms shouldn’t cause a great deal of discomfort. With careful planning, innovative furnishings, and well-thought-out storage spaces, people that live in small houses or shoebox apartments can lead a simpler life, which may even open up to more

In 2014, Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) remitted around $26.93 billion to the Philippines, which mostly went to their families they left behind.  However, according to Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas, about 6.7% of these money transfers were devoted to tangible investments such as real estate. Reality Check: The OFWs’ stint abroad

When selling your house, the first thing a prospective buyer will notice is the paint on the property because it sets the mood around your space.  Paint with white and beige, earth tones, cool colors, or warm colors to highlight the most pleasant elements of your home. Always keep in

If a fire starts at home, you only have two to three minutes to escape! According to the American Red Cross, a humanitarian institution that offers emergency assistance, “60 percent of house fire deaths occur in homes with no working smoke alarms.”  In the Philippines, where a large number of

The Philippines doesn’t have its own Burj Khalifa, an 829.8 m skyscraper that’s towering over the cityscape in Dubai, United Arab Emirates or Shanghai Tower, which is 632 m tall. Despite that, the Philippines definitely has taller buildings nowadays compared to a few decades ago.  Can you believe that the

Applying for a home loan is one your best options if you want to buy your dream house.  Below, our handy checklist will help you prepare for the loan application process. Additionally, compares home loans from the Philippines’ most reputable banks, such as Security Bank and UCPB, by using

By Trisha Mendoza The use of electricity is so basic to daily life. Without electricity, people and their surroundings would function less efficiently. Can you imagine how hard it would be to light up a room without electricity? According to the quinquennial (every five years) survey of the Household Energy