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By Ulysses Manuel, Jekelyn Nisola For those parents who send their college students to schools that are far from home, one perfectly smart choice is to let them live in a dorm, apartment, or condominium (condo) near their schools. It’s important that students have a relaxed mind before every class,

*Accomplish the following forms prior to filing: Health Statement Form (Medical Questionnaire) – For OFW members over 60 years old – For loans over P2M to P6M and for borrowers aged up to 60 yrs old Health Statement Form (Medical Questionaire) and full medical examination – Borrowers over 60 years

Preventing violence in your community is a challenge but each of us can do something about it. Let’s help each other build neighborhoods where kids, teens, and adults can feel safe from crimes. Here are some of the ways that could help your neighborhood to fight crime. Install CCTV Install CCTV

By Kyle Kam One should avoid the notion that buying a property means paying for it in cash. A home purchase can be financed through housing loans from Pag-IBIG Fund, commercial banks, or the developers themselves through their in-house financing. However, even if you are spending only for the down

Do you want to maximize the space in your backyard or make a beautiful scenery in front of your house? Scroll down for some great ideas! Start a Vertical Garden Vertical gardening can make the most out of your garden space, which involves less work but guarantees more benefits. It’s

Yexel Sebastian – toys Yexel Sebastian has been collecting toys since 1989. He has over 10,000 toys and 300 life size statues; he also owns the largest Optimus Prime bust in Asia.  Interestingly, he has three museums affixed to his name such as the Yexel’s Toy Museum in Las Pinas

The talk of summer brings excitement to everyone, but reality is the summer heat is rather excruciating! That’s why people in their homes have to use the air conditioners and electric fans for extended hours during this time, which, unfortunately, translates to higher electric bills. Electric bills are expected to

Summer is here, and what do people do when they can no longer bear the summer heat, besides hitting the beach? Rush to the nearest shopping mall! Speaking of shopping malls, did you know that the biggest mall in the world is China’s New South China Mall? This shopping haven

Can you already feel the summer heat? With 7,641 islands in the Philippines, there are lots of tourist destinations to explore. And if you still don’t know what to choose, here are some of our favorite summer destinations that may give you some ideas where to go next. Dinosaur Island

By: Mechelle Gonzales, Jekelyn Nisola One of the many traditions of Filipino Catholics during Holy Week is going on a religious expedition or visiting sacred places that have significance over their moral and spiritual beliefs. This journey is commonly known as a pilgrimage. This keeps the people’s faith alive despite