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If you’re planning to buy a new home from an individual you’ve met online, be a smart property buyer. Here are some practical tips to remember before closing the deal. Make sure the “Transfer Title of Certificate” is legit The surest way to double check if the title to the

By Jekelyn Nisola, Pauline Castañeda In today’s modern world, we have museums, which take us back to the past, help preserve our history, and tell us our nation’s story.  On May 18 this year, we’re celebrating the International Museum Day, where these ‘time machine’ establishments open their doors to visitors

By Jekelyn Nisola It’s undeniable that Philippine festivals (fiestas) not only attract local tourists but also visitors from across the world because every town (no matter how big or small) widely opens its doors and shares its story and culture. In case you missed the fiestas held in the first

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By Jekelyn Nisola With 2019 Mother’s Day coming on May 12, the pressure in finding the perfect gift for your favorite woman in the world–to show your love and appreciation–is very crucial. Whether it’s for your grandma, stepmom, mother-figure friend, mother-in-law, or your own mom, send your love via these

Online real estate marketing is a tough game.  In fact, many of those who engage in online marketing fail to deliver the results they desire. So, if you’re going to market online, where 90% of homebuyers are searching for their first or next home, make sure you’re doing the right

HOW TO JOIN: Draw, paint, or sketch the “dream summer home” in your mind! Set to public, post your artwork on Facebook using the hashtag #PADreamSummerHome . Also, tag Deadline is May 17, 2019. Three winners will win these gift sets from The Craft Central: Calligraphy Kits, Water Brushes

By Oliver Oliveros If you’ve decided to spend this year’s Holy Week at home, it shouldn’t be a long week of idleness. There’s a myriad of ways to productively spend this “reflective” season by your lonesome or with the presence of your family. Strive to refresh yourself—your spirituality, too! Here

By Hannah Louise Baldelomar CHOOSE YOUR FAVORITE HOUSE OF THE WEEK A perfect and peaceful life is waiting for you! Own one of these three (3) amazing houses in Quezon City. Cast your vote now! 4 Bedroom Single Attached House For Sale In Quezon City The wide and unfurnished interior

By Hannah Louise Baldelomar CHOOSE YOUR FAVORITE HOUSE OF THE WEEK Looking for a new home? Check out these three (3) affordable townhouses. Cast your vote! 2 Bedroom Townhouse For Sale In Cangmating, Sibulan Spend your everyday in this community with generous amenities to enjoy! It features two (2) bedrooms,