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Makati City is the financial and commercial center of the Philippines, where many multinational and local corporations are headquartered. It has three major areas: the Central Business District (CBD), the Old Makati or the Poblacion area, and the Fort Bonifacio area. In 1995, Makati City officially became a city with

What Christmas is really about? These young talents at Tanghalan Mandaluyong (TMI), a community-based performing arts group that aims to keep children and the youth (especially the young ones) away from the streets, share their thoughts in the short video titled “Aguinaldo.”

Quezon City, one of the largest cities in Metro Manila, has a population of over three million, which comprises 24 percent of Metro Manila’s total population. Considering that Quezon City has vast tracts of land, it has the largest service economy where numerous businesses are located: most of these are

All households rely on utilities such as electricity and water service to meet our basic daily necessities, especially during the summer months where energy consumption rises and so does the cost. By practicing energy and water conservation, you can develop habits not just to reduce energy usage and save money

A short film by Jaime Cabalum, produced by Chanz IT Business Solutions Inc./ Starring Eisen Lim (Rico) and Akira Dela Cruz (Akira)

Manila, Philippines—Now accessible 24/7 online, brokerage firm Bancrea Homes has launched its official website,, which unleashes a full range of innovative digital features. Some of these features include: “ASK REA:24/7 Live Chat,” a dedicated live chat hosted by real-person customer service staff;  “E-Refer Kita” app, where every Juan can

An excellent real estate photo can captivate homebuyers and can make you look professional if you’re a home seller. A good photo can also give your prospective homebuyer or tenant an idea of how the house looks like. The next time you plan on showcasing your properties for sale or

Video: John Angelo Sergio By Sahar Nathalie Gasemi and Alene Joy Alcabasa Materials Needed:  Rope lights/LED lights Welded galvanized iron sheet (in the form of Santa & Reindeer) Cable Ties Light Switch Electric plug Electric wires Steps:  Weld the galvanized iron sheet by spotting to create a frame of Santa

On Christmas Eve, 1908, Francisco Estanislao, a salt vendor from Bacolor, Pampanga, made the first parol that illuminated the path leading to the town’s church.